1. setting the clock on seat toledo

    I have a 2001 Seat Toledo TDi SE and would like to know how to set the clock to show the correct time. It's always been out and I've never managed to set this up properly. Can anyone helpm please.
  2. RS6

    clocks gone forward (clock)

    Can somebody please remind me how to adjust the clock on the dials Im sure its something to do with turning the reset mileage thing could someone please help :D thanks
  3. wilky87

    Why does my lcr tick like a clock?

    Does anyone know what this box is for and why it ticks?
  4. marv_n69

    Adjusting clock

    Morning all, nice easy one for you.... How do i set the clock in my car? The clock is an hour out from the last time adjustment. I drive a LCR(54plate) Many Thanks Marv
  5. new clock now car wont start

    had no electrics in car so i changed the speedo clock and now i have electrics but wont start how do i decode the clock thanx for reading
  6. Becks

    forum clock

    Don't think it's always been so far out? Who's broke it? ;)
  7. I need a new clock now!

    HI, My clocks have packed up i sent them to BBA Reman and they confirmed it was the clocks that were the problem, the fuel n temp guage did not work. however the cannot fix it. so i need a clock asap, i know a guy who will code it in for me, if anyone knows were i can get one please let me...
  8. Lcr mk1 how do i set the time on the dash clock

    Can anyone help with this, the time is wrong and i dont know how to set the time also how can i get a code for the stereo????
  9. tooly1

    how to change the time on the clock?

    its still in summer time hours it hasnt gone back! anyone know how to do it! cars a mark 4 1.2 sx ibiza!
  10. Dead speedo and mad clock....

    Started yesterday; the clock hands started spinning madly, and then I noticed that the speedo was reading zero... Later in the day the speedo came back on, reading accurately, but the clock stuck. This morning the clock hasn't moved, but when the ignition was turned on the clock began to...
  11. set time on clock

    can anyone tell me how to set the time on clock I have a seat cordoba 1.9 deisel which is 4yrs old:cry:
  12. MK4 Ibiza clock removal???

    I am wanting to remove clocks on my mk4 ibiza to do some soldering to hopefully cure my immobiliser problems, but before I attempt this I was wondering how difficult is it to remove them, is it worth attempting??:think: Thanks in advance
  13. The clock!! help lol

    Hi all my clock is wrong in the car and i havent got a manual. hwo do i change the time... can anyone help me Thanks in advance! Peter
  14. Clock and mileometer not visible

    Hi guys/gals can you help me? Started me motor today, to find no digital clock of mileometer, been searching the forums and not found a similar problem yet, apart for speedo not working, anybody got any ideas?
  15. drue1


    how does the drivers clock come out.cheers
  16. Changing Clock Time

    Hi All, New to the site and feeling rather foolish for asking this. Just got an '05 Toledo 2.0l Tdi Auto with the built in Sat Nav. The clock is out by 10 mins (nothing major I know but is quite annoying!!). I've tried all the settings via the nav/radio system and the only place I can...
  17. Clock on my ibiza FR

    i bought a ibiza fr diesel on the weekend but it had no manual with it! The screen in between the rev counter and the speedo does not work any ideas what it could be?? fuse or bulb??? thanks!
  18. cypher007

    clock change on Leon Mk1

    my friend has a Spanish Leon Mk1 and hes trying to fit some UK clocks to it, but they dont work. have we got to recode the new clocks to talk to the ECU? i have a VAGCOM cable and version 4 of the software, so can it be done? or are we missing something more simple? were not looking to change...
  19. leon clock display

    ok so basically when i'm driving, the dash shows the temperature instead of the time. i've done searches on here and the only suggestion was that the temp shows until its over 5 or 7 degrees then it goes back to the clock. trouble is with mine it doesnt go back to the clock... it was 22 degrees...
  20. 6 Clock Sport owners - Immob problems

    I'm locked in a bit of a battle with my local SEAT dealer about the immobilizer on my car at the moment. If you have/had a 6 clock Ibiza Sport TDi AND have had the immobilizer problems (refusing to start every now and again) - it seems the only fix is to have the cluster replaced, please post...
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