1. LEE69

    MY01 Leon Cupra now with CCFL angel eyes 2 1/2" dp-200cell cat and one box

    Mods to date map query W8 light installed 8 k hids fitted Quickshift pin fitted SMD Sidelights fitted Type R aerial fitted Standard backbox fitted Debadged front grille C2 aerial fitted Nomad Pillar pod and scangauge fitted Tailored shades fitted Start of the angel eyes conversion Angel eyes...
  2. i search for angel eyes can someone help?

    hello i am new here....:clap::clap::clap: my car is seat ibiza 1.8t 2002 (i live in israel soo it just like 2001) i have every think in my car!!! gs2876 haltek e8 scat rod bering race intek manifold atp manifold and more and more in 1.3bar i get 352HP!! in 2.0bar i shold get 460+-...
  3. Matty.

    i found angel eyes...

    or they look like angel eyes anyway could it be a possibility? :clap:
  4. Angel Eyes / Projector Headlights

    Looking for an After Market manufacturer of Angel Eyes or Projector headlights for the Mk4. Non of the brands I know (FK/Hella/in.pro/Ultra) make projector headlights for the Mk4. :(
  5. murtagh_sean

    Bulbs for Angel Eyes

    Hi guys I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but I didn't have the time to do a proper search but need help with light bulbs for my angel eyes. I know people are going to say get HID's but that will be a long term project for me down the line but at the minute I just need a quick...
  6. CraigW

    Black Angel Eyes.

    Ive been thinking of getting a set of black angel eye headlights. Im just wanting some opinions, how do you think they will look on a white car?? Im still slightly unsure if they will look good or not. I know that they look good on a silver car but im unsure of white. Cheers Craig.
  7. Becks

    Angel Eyes / HID

    Was having a look at the angel eyes on ebay and seriously considering them, but also wanting HID conversion. Is it possible to do both??? If not whats the issue with it?? Thanks
  8. Angel Eyes, do they need any extra fitting?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if these actually needed any extra fitting or would just replace the old lights without any hassle!? If they do need extra fitting, what would i need to do a proper job of it? Thanks.
  9. afcajax73

    Angel Eyes

    well i fitted them today. didnt take so long. about an hour :)
  10. Trying to find angel eyes?????

    Hi everyone, i saw a set of angel eyes on youtube and i want them, heres the url please watch the video and let me know if you do know?, if anyone know it would be greatly appreciated??? Cheers Ben http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igT4FwLHZxw
  11. angel eyes problem

    ok i did a search and yes there are some threads on here about angel eyes, but now confused as to fit them or not.:shrug: i just got my hands on some angel eyes cheap off ebay(£50) and have read by people they are crap.:doh: they don't have a very good light pattern. i have within the last...
  12. ljbinks

    strut brace and angel eyes

    hi all, i am thinking about sticking a front strut brace on my car just wondering how much people are paying for them and where to get one from? also my friend has got angel eyes on his mk6 escort and i am really impressed with the look plus i seen an audi a3 with them looked the bees, just done...
  13. Angel Eyes headlights

    Does anybody know if anyone makes angel eyes headlights that will fit my Seat Ibiza Cupra 2005. If they do let me know as i desperately want some. :help:
  14. AdamRoutley

    Angel Eyes Fitting

    considering getting some angel eyes...i have an FR...anybody know how to fit them...pics would be helpful aswell.. THANKS
  15. tinbum

    Angel Eyes

    Ok.....................I have had my angel eyes for months now but given the amount of work involved to fit them, I havent as I am worried they will look a bit chav !!! Has anybody got any pics of theirs that I could check out to give me an idea of what they would look like. Ta
  16. Diablo559

    Ibiza Mk4 Angel eyes Part 2

    I have sent a massage to FK automotive to see what would be required for the go ahead for a set of angel eyes projector style head lights. I have also informed them of this thread so if your interested in a set put your name down.
  17. Leon FR angel eyes

    Hi, does anyone know where can I buy a a front headlamp with angel eyes? Any link?
  18. angel eyes

    i had an email this morning sayin my lights had just been put on the shipment:funk: !should be hear soon then.:D says 5-6 day delivery, i bought them on the 8th january!:confused:
  19. Did we ever get to the bottom of the Angel Eyes?

    Did we ever finish the debate about the Angel Eyes - the wicked german imported, LHD beam, black ones that we were debating about with RichT and Co. last month? Are they all the same pre/pst 96? can they be modded to RHD beam pattern? how? Will they pass an MOT with a wink (no E mark) Do...
  20. angel eyes for Ibiza cupra mk3?

    was just wondering if any1 new if you can get angel eyes for the mk3 Ibizas, as shops do sell them for the leons?? let us know guys! also some tinted rear lights my my bitza would be nice cheers Jai
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