1. F2 Ed

    hand polish test

    http://www.autopia.org/forum/guide-detailing/77859-test-swirl-removal-hand.html surprised at the results myself :blink:
  2. 56 Reg 1.6 2nd Hand Oil Cap has White Stuff

    Dear All, I went to view a 1.6 Leon which has 48K on the clock and full Seat Service History from a Seat Dealer today. Everything looked fine untill I looked at the oil cap which had quite a bit of White stuff and also at the top of the oil cap neck on the engine side. Does this mean a...
  3. AviTurbo

    need your opinion about those second hand alloys

    i think it's replica of OZ but looks like it's from the east they 16" 5X100 what do you think about them? how they will look on my pre-face lift ibiza FR
  4. 2nd Hand 1.6 engine

    Hi guy's, Hoping someone can help me here. I have bought a 2nd hand engine for my cordoba which has 65k on the clock, my existing one has 94k on the clock, and was wondering if i can get the clock reset to show the mileage of the new engine i have bought? Thanks in advance RedRunner
  5. wesbar

    2nd hand Bluefin

    Hello All. After some urgent advice. I was looking at a 2nd hand Bluefin from an Audi a4. It has been reset by Superchips and is fine from that point. However when i spoke to Superchips they say that the device may not work with the new facelift Common Rail Diesel engine? Does anyone know if...
  6. Second hand Arosa MK2

    Dear mates, I am thinking about buying a second hand Arosa MK2 2001-2003. Because fuel consumption is one of major stuffs I have on mind 1.4 TDI diesel or 1.0 MPI petrol engine in which would install LPG later. At my market I can only find second hand 1.4 TDI Arosa about "real" 150.000km or...
  7. el_toledo_150

    Left Hand Brake Light Intermittent Faults

    I have an 04 Toledo TDI Sport 150 which has a fault just with the left hand brake light. The left light will only come on when I tap the light cluster. When I de-press the pedal and then press it again the light is lost again. Don't know if this is the brake light switch cos it's only one...
  8. jordyboy004

    Door Handle In My Hand!?

    went to the car this morn to give mum a lift to work. when i dropped her off saw some friends who could do with a lift home. got out and opened the drivers side rear door and was frozen shut so me being me gave it a yank and then the handle came off in my hands. looks like some parts have been...
  9. Big_daddy

    Turbo option new or 2nd hand

    Today my replacment turbo decided to go totaly. it was replacement for my ko3 which i baught from a member on here, which fcked up also. I need to replace it as its not driveable due to the smoke! Im not sure weather to trust another 2nd hand turbo, plus im thinking of getting a ko3s :redface...
  10. price of second hand 1.9 TDI 150 FR

    Hello Newb here, im in the market for a Leon 1.9 TDI 150 FR ideally a 55 plate FR+, having been looking through autotrader and other websites the prices are higher than i expected them to be and higher then parkers and what car guides list them at. I have been looking at cars which range...
  11. scarface

    Hand Car Washes

    Recently ive become lazy in the car wahsing department and instead have been pulling into the local hand car wash places you seem to see dotted all over the place these days! The one i go to charges £5 for a full clean, wax (wet spray on wax thing), dry with chamis, window shine, door sills...
  12. my car is grinding and squeeling on left hand down

    my car is grinding and squeeling on left hand down and somtimes when i break can anyone help coz its doing my head in
  13. Mk2 Cupra - best place to find one to buy second hand ?

    Have put a wanted add here, but other than ebay and Autotrader where else can I look. Sold my own car so want to find one quickly :think:
  14. MUFFIN

    Is a 2nd hand Cupra K1 Exhaust worth anything, should I be keeping it??

    Hi folks, I'm havin' a MILLTEK TBE fitted next week and wondered if I should be keeping the old system to sell on?? I'm reckoning K1 owners won't be needin' parts for their systems for 4 years or more.. Is this system worth anything? 11 months old car 8000m covered Respect
  15. second hand value

    just had 2 seperate valuations for my 57 /07 cupra both were quite close together surely it must be worth more than 8,600 max anyone experienced such low figures and what figures should i be looking at (not trade in) :shrug:cant be that bad can it?
  16. What 2nd hand springs for my Leon?

    looking to get some decent 2nd hand springs for my Leon, from what vehicles would they fit onto mine?? There are some mk4 ibiza ones for sale in the for sale section, would they do? Ive heard the ones for a mk4 golf would also fit??? Any others? Thanks alot. :) :D
  17. ASV engine 1.9TDI (110) reconditioned or second hand

    My cambelt failed at 75mph, and as yet taken the car to the garage for diagnosis, but having spoke with the garage the feasible options are reconditioned or second hand engine. I have used some internet search sites and have managed to obtain a couple of quotations for what I guess is...
  18. SeatR

    second hand injectors

    Got some sencond hand injectors, traveled 93,205 miles for £130 . is that an ok price, and how safe is it to use old injectors when going hybrid Edit: BAM 225bhp 386cc injectors
  19. price for a right hand side cupra wingmirror and indicator?

    well while coming home on from my girlfriends earlyer than i normal see a guy up my arse so come on to roundbout were i set off onto a to lane road. cyclist on the left so i move out a bit to avoid him guy in the car flys up the right lane and clips me. dint to door and front wing and scratched...
  20. MUFFIN

    My K1 FOR SALE in Autotrader - SCAM WARNING!!

    SCAM WARNING - Beware Just to let you know someone else is selling my K1 - It's For Sale in Autotrader for under 10K. (SCAM) This was brought to my attention by Carr20vt (Garry) Cheers pal!;) I emailed the seller to enquire about purchasing my car!! The seller says the car is in Madrid...
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