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  1. Spraying Interior + Questions

    Right, ever since I've had the car I've considered spraying the roof lining black. However, I was concerned that spraying it would be crap, and would actually need "proper" roof lining. So I have a few questions 1) Should I spray it black, or 2) "re-cover" it with a black fabric I was...
  2. hamps_w

    interior removal guides and spraying interior parts

    As the tiltle suggests really: Any interior panel removal guides around that will help me to remove parts of my interior. Its been a long time since i have attempted taking interiors apart (my old subwoofer days). Wanted to make sure it all comes off and goes back on in one peice without...
  3. tips on adding things(mods) to interior??

    hi, just could do with some tips as to modifying my interior of my ibiza.. thanx
  4. epts2008

    Interior power source

    hello well basically quick question im looking to put a few bits in my leon but need a 12v feed just wondered were would the best place to get the 12v feed from? many thanks guys
  5. andieleon

    R32 interior

    Hey there peeps, does the r32 interior fit sraight into the leaon or do you have to make some mods because i have found an interior set for cheap and want to put it in my car but cant be bothered with hasstle if mods are required???
  6. W8 interior light - Pics and how to....

    Hi All, Im interested in putting a W8 light cluster in my car but im not hare how to do it. Is it just a direct replacement? Also is anyone able to post up oics of what they look like for me? Cheers Alex
  7. Chester

    Leon interior front LED install

    Be warned, these LEDs are bright, very high colour temperature, and gives a totally new look to the interior at night. If bright and white is not your thing, stay away from the white LEDs! Otherwise, have a look at this photoset. Cheers :)
  8. OFI

    Please help identify this interior spring!

    Sorry I can't post any photos right now which would make life easier. But anyway i'm in the process of cleaning my car out and I just found a large spring rolling around in the nearside rear passenger footwell! I imagine it is from one of the seats but I can't see where from. The spring...
  9. Interior Styling advice please

    Hi all, Ive got a standard ibiza 1.4 reference mk4...i want to start doing up the interior but dont really know where to start...:confused: Ive seen some dash replacement kits, to change the stereo surround, and dials to silver...has anyone fitted one of these...feedback?? Id also like...
  10. Chester

    Interior rear light bulb - 509t?

    Hi there, Can anyone confirm that the interior light fitting above each of the rear passenger doors contains a 509t type bulb (screw type fitting)? If so, does anyone know where I can get an ultra-bright LED 509t from, either frosted or side mounted (as direct will just shine down towards...
  11. michaelg1001

    golf interior

    i might have a chance of gettin a mk4 golf recaro interior pretty cheap, just want to know if it will just bolt straight in? cheers michael
  12. interior door handle has broken - SOS!

    Hey, My name is Liran and i`m really hopeless :blink: I have seat Ibiza (signo) 2000, and my interior door handle has broken, in my country one door handle cost 180$, can you belive it? I cant :( I have serched on ebay and some other webs for this part, but i didn`t find nothing. If you...
  13. rear interior light case

    how do i get the case off the rear interior light on 02 leon cupra the bulb has gone, i am trying to get in it to see what bulb i have to get, but can't even get the case thing off. had a look in the manual, it says use a flat blade of a screwdriver between the light and roof trim, and...
  14. electric leather interior... rare?

    ...how rare? from my 2 week ownership of a leon cupra, i dont seem to notice many with leather interior and electric front seats... like what ive got :funk: discuss.
  15. interior

    hi people i am wondering will taking out the back seats and parcell shelf etc give me more power and what the handling would be like then with less weight thanks
  16. Mr OCD

    Interior Light...

    Odd problem this... Noticed when I unlock the car the interior light comes on then goes straight out ... where as it used to stay on until I got in the car. Anyone know why? Also when opening passenger door (front) the interior light no longer comes on ... :confused:
  17. fr-tdi

    interior bulb

    anyone know what size the festoon interior bulb is? im not with my car right now and cant rip it out to measure, :ban:
  18. JamesE

    What interior??

    Hey guys, as title what interior fits straight in the cupra apart from the standard one? Done a search but couldnt find any answer. Help would be much appreciated James
  19. ben-lcr

    wing badges and interior q's

    hi, does anyone have spare 'R' badges for my car wings? also im looking for a full cupra r interior recaro set, as i currently have full skoda vrs leathers . any of these would be great. Thanks ;)
  20. Alarm off and interior lights on

    hi guys wondering if anyone can help me here?? my problem is that the key fob will not lock the doors bar the driver side manually (it won't lock remotely but will unlock) the interior light and puddle light stay on permanently at a loss any ideas ive replaced fob battery, disconnected...
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