1. Smyg

    Subframe Torque Specs

    Hi, I would really need the Torque specs in "Nm" for the following bolts and stretch bolts: Number 21, 22 and 23 bolts (picture below). I think it's 70Nm + 180 degree Number 14 (dog bone 135Nm?) and also number 15 and 16 please. Thanks in advance!
  2. Torque specs for mk2 facelift?

    Does anyone know where I can find torque specs for my Ibiza mk2 facelift? Specifically, I need specs on the cv bolt and the steering rod bolt. Haynes manuals do not cover the facelift mk2 and I haven't been able to find any other source
  3. Torque specs

    I'm going to replace the cv axle nut while changing ball joints on my 6K1 ibiza mk2. Does anyone know the torque specs for the axle nut or where I can find them?
  4. Leon 2.0 184ps Maximum torque / DTUK CRD3+

    Hello! New here. I've lurked for a while but never posted. I've recently acquired a DTUK CRD3+ tuning box that came from a 2.0 184ps DSG. I'm hoping to fit to my own 2.0 184ps Manual, but I've read conflicting things regarding compatibiltiy. Some have said that the CRD3+ needs to be reflashed...
  5. rsmith

    Somethings not right, Engine Torque Monitor 2:Control Limit Exceeded!

    Hello all, I had some serious issues with my LCR over the weekend on a long journey.When i set off i knew something didn't feel right, when i put my foot down it just didn't feel right, sort of held back a bit. So anyway, while cruising on the motorway at 120kph in 6th gear with low...
  6. Best sockets for high torque applications

    I'm after a handful of half inch drive sockets to do the suspension and bushes on my car, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on brands. My current preference looks to be the Sealey Walldrive sockets, something like this...
  7. rod the sod

    LOW torque??!!

    Hey i am just wondering if anyone knows why my torque figure is lower than expected! i had a custom map with RStuning and had 360 lbft of torque about a month ago (on a pd130 hydrid) and when i got on the RR last weekend it only managed 288lbft?? the break horse power was pretty much bang on for...
  8. runnerpart2

    Toooo Much Torque

    Hello ive just bought MJ's old Seat Leon Cupra, it has been remapped and modded to the max. The problem i have with it is that it has TOOO much torque and it cant get the power down on the road and wheel spins all the way up to 4th gear when i put my foot down. so what im looking to do is...
  9. Sparkie

    Torque on a standard LC with AUQ engine?

    Hey all, anyone know what the standard LC 180 bhp AUQ engine pushes out regarding torque levels? Cheers.
  10. Donnyboy

    Mk2 Leon Engine Torque Mount

    Whats peoples experience with them? Want to eliminate a bit of wheel hop but don't want alot of vibration or noise. Thinking of the BSH insert from here - Its easy to fit and not very costly. I take it this...
  11. Cowie

    Is it necessary to torque bolts on upper strut brace?

    As per title,am fitting my S3 upper strut brace later,do i NEED to torque the bolts down or just make sure they're nice and tight,(don't have torque wrench but could get hold of one)reason i ask is some of the posts about it mention torquing and others don't.
  12. 235bhp, 254 lbs/ft torque Leon Cupra...

    235bhp / 254lbs/ft torque... lots of Forge goodies, all fitted by AmD, Stage 2 remap also by AmD...
  13. 7 Speed DSG Torque - Can it can't it???

    Seems to be a stumbling block with the new Ibiza Cupra Bocanegra when it comes to tuning. I've read some info about DSG transmissions on other sites and a select few people seem to know a great deal about them and have been involved in the testing, because the other forums have been aimed at...
  14. Hub bolt torque settings, leon TDI

    Hi Guys, newbie here. Just wondering if anyone knows the torque settings for the front hub bolt on a Leon TDI 140? I have to remove the CV Boot tomorrow :censored: Thanks Richard.
  15. Calculating Torque?

    As above.. How? Just had my car on a dyno and wanted to know what torque its running, as it doesn't say on the print out ! Ta
  16. torque figures

    Right i now have the hump trying to post my pictures.but i have had my 2003 cupra 180 mapped reaches 206 bhp but only shows 190 lb/ft of torque on the rr i think the boost needs upping am i being un reasonable to expect 220-240lbs ft thanks lee will post my graph when photobucket lets me...
  17. -=Rob=-

    270 lbft of torque & standard clutch - Is this ok?

    Guys – I had my car on a rolling road last weekend at TSR (r/r day organised by Ben aka Boomhauer on the forum) and my torque figure was higher than I was expecting at 270lb/ft. I have a standard clutch which has done over 100k miles, is this safe or should I be looking at either de-tuning or...
  18. steslatt

    excessive smoke and down on torque??

    Had my car on the rolling road sat. results were 193.5bhp and 278lbs torque. i have read that after remap i should be looking around 300lbs torque? also the technition said it smokes more than what he has seen before? any ideas what could be wrong?
  19. Torque Settings for brakes

    hi, im about to change the disks and pads all round this morning on my 2003 leon cupra, but dont have the torque settings for the bolts that hold the calipers on, does anyone know what these are? many thanks jonathan
  20. Dougy

    Remap: More-BHP or Performance Torque

    Right had these both mentioned to me, was settled on PT but now someone has just brough More-bhp to my attention Benefit of PT is Rolling road before and after, good reputation on here, Will seems good guy Benefit of More-bhp, PRICE!!, good reviews from other sites, closer in distance...
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