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  1. 20vt4 whining noise from haldex/diff

    Hello, I have a problem with a whining noise coming from the rear axel of my Leon 1m 20vt4. It's a whining noise that start very suddenly at about 40km/h (25mp/h) and up. Doesn't matter if I accelerate or deaccelerate it's still there, but if i drop below 40km/h (25mp/h) it stops suddenly. It...
  2. Diff broken?

    Lads, Has anyone any advise, think the difff is fu**ed on my LCR!!! (loud whining noise when i coast, goddamn it)I want to replace with standard but how much are they new and does anyone know where/if I could replace with a secondhand??? Thanks.
  3. tuning,quaife diff for leon cupra mk2

    hi guys adam here from adam foster racing. Thinking of buying an seat leon cupra mk2 2.0tfsi 240bhp k1. Under a revo remap gets it to 300bhp and an exhaust and induction will get me to 320ish. But how the hell can you get the power down, can you get a quaife diff for the cupra, and how much...
  4. Limited slip diff needed in Leon FR???

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting my ecu re mapped and having the dpf removed as well as the full exhaust done. :D One thing I have thought of was with all that extra power; wouldn't it be wasted with an open diff?? :cry: I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find proof that the FR...
  5. Slippy Diff?

    I decided to see how hard I could launch my Cupra the other day, so turned off the TCS. In doing so, I was surprised to see two black lines behind me. So, I was quite puzzled as I did'nt think the Cupra had an LSD. After reading somthing on here a while ago, I was under the impression...
  6. tgorman

    Does Diff Work with ESP

    does my diff work when esp is on or does it work weather its on or off thanks
  7. tgorman

    LCR - Hybrid,Diff

    My Old 1.4 Old 1.8T Spec: Seat Cupra R 225 APR Stage 2 Remap + 4 Programs (standard 225 ,95Ron,99ron,Valet) +Throttle Body Alignment, Fault Code Erase Cruise Control Hybrid K04 Forge Actuator Quaife ATB Differential APR 3” Decat Miltek 2.75 Cat Back...
  8. Mellow Yello

    limited slip diff

    does anyone know if a limited slip diff was ever fitted to 8v cupra sports as standard or even an option from seat ? , mine appears to have one but unsure if its standard or not , i dunoo my gearbox code but i think its o2o as it is cable clutch rod shift . thanks cole
  9. Ibiza Gearbox & Diff Codes.

    Hi. How do i find out what Diff ratio is in a Seat Ibiza Gti ?? :help: & is it a 02A Gearbox ?? :help:
  10. mechanical diff on Cupra

    Hi all, anyone fitted Quaife (or some other) diff to MK2 Cupra (or any other MK2 Leon)?
  11. Stage 2+ cupra with diff, stage 2 focus RS equivelant?

    Guy down my local meet has just got a new white Focus RS. Talked to him briefly about mods and a stage 2+ focus RS makes about 375bhp, around the same figure as a stage 2+ cupra. So was wondering, if you then fitted a quaiffe diff, some fast road setup suspension, and some stiffer engine and...
  12. Moffat

    Diff making a noise

    Car started making a funny noise last night. Seemed to when accelerating in gears 1 - 3. In first if i pull away quite sharply, and in 2nd and 3rd, when boost comes in and torque picks up loads. Kind of like a whining/grating noise. Also when turning sharp corners when i was in a housing...
  13. what gear box will fit thats stronger ?? WANT RID OF MY DIFF

    pretty sure the diff bolts have snapped off this would be the second time after replacing them with "tuffer" bolts, and its thrown the snapped bit through the caseing into the clutch. spoke to star performance and he said the box aint up to handeling the power i dont realy want to fit the...
  14. Help, not my day today......gearbox, diff ?????

    as most of you know i bought cupra_matts old 366bhp cupra, and what a nice car it is :) however i had a oil leak from the top of the gearbox today ??? wondering maybe if its the diff bolts that have snapped and come through the box ? no visual damage to the outside of the box so im not...
  15. james walker

    opinions on lsd, atb diff

    right guys i need you to make a desicion for me....:p is a peloquins or quaife really worth fitting for the price on my leon cupra, i dont track the car and dont really drive it majorly hard on the roads.... i have a spare bit of cash, and want to blow it on my car. is it worth fitting...
  16. Ballie

    XDS Diff does anyone know anymore info about it?

    XDS Diff fitted to the new Ibiza Cupra does anyone know anymore info about it?
  17. G12MO X

    Diff on haldex

    Has anyone fitted a LSD to a haldex car? With or without updated haldex controller? My mate with s3 had diff and removed updated haldex controller and is much happier now Said the car fells more agressive now
  18. Skint

    My car has an electronic limited slip diff.. Is this true?

    Hi All I just recieved an estimate from a stealer for a new rear door. On the the model specs that they searched for using my VIN number it states that the car has an electronic limited slip diff.. Is this true? I can see that not all the spec on the estimate is correct because as my car...
  19. roly

    Peloquin diff advise/opinions wanted

    As some of you will know my gearbox developed an oil leak over the weekend. The box is now stripped and the fault looks to have been the diff bolts, one has snapped off and chewed it's way into the casing, another one snapped as it was being removed. All the bolts show signs of being...
  20. Martin M

    My Mk2 Ibiza GTi 20VT Track Car Project *The end is here*

    Current Spec: Engine 1.8 20VT (AYP). K03 turbo. Jabbasport Stage 1 Remap. Integrated Engineering forged connecting rods. Black Forest Industries Stage 1 Engine Mounts. Green conical filter. Forge Motorsport turbo intake pipe. JBS K03 cast exhaust manifold. Blueflame turbo-back...
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