1. Blinking pre glow plug and yellow solid engine management sign

    Hello friends, I have a Seat Altea 1.6 TDI CR 105 style. Year 2010. 107000 km. Manual transmitter. Recently I am having a problem, explained below: For the first time it happened 3 days ago, I was in the road and to be honest for the first time I filled car with fuel/diesel in a fuel station...
  2. chris285

    easy to replace glow plugs?

    as stated is it as easy to replace glow plugs on my fr as it is to replace spark plugs on a petrol? not done this before myself and one of them is not working, but been qouted 45 quid to replace just one when i can get 4 replacements for cheaper providing they are easy to do
  3. Leon TDi Cupra - EML & Flashing Glow Plug

    Hi Guys, Just seeking some input although I have done some searching myself. I bought my car about a year ago and as soon as I bought it the engine management light came on. VAG-COM showed that there was an intermittant glow plug electrical fault. I've reset it a few times to see what...
  4. Do glow plugs differ from PD engine size?

    I've just had a 105bhp head put on my 130 block, obviously had the 130 injectors put in the head but never changed the glow plugs because the head is quite new. Now it sounds like i'm starting the car on ancient glow when you turned the key on old diesels before the glow plug...
  5. Best Glow Plugs?

    I got a glow plug out in the car and I was gonna just replace all of them at once. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer? Car is Seat Toledo SE TDi
  6. Glow plug electrical fault

    I have read a few posts on here about this re-occuring problem but just want to double check some things. Here is what i have tried. Resistance in all glow plugs seem approx the same, 1.2ohms if i used the digi meter correctly. All glow plugs glow when connected to 12v source. All...
  7. glow plug light!

    I have a 2007 seat leon 1.9 tdi 105 and the glow plug light has come on and the car seems o be running in limp mode. I take it this is a faulty glow plug? My old toledo put the glow plug light on because of a faulty brake light switch but this is ok in the leon.(i think!!!) Also yhe airbag...
  8. Glow Plugs

    Have a 1.9 TDi PD130 engine either ASY or BLT engine code and one of my glow plugs died at Christmas time got a spare to see me through the winter, but now im going to replace all 4 of them as if ones failed guess the others wont be far behind. What make of glow plugs do i go for e.g whats...
  9. MrBen2k7

    Glow Plugs...

    Hi, How easy is it to change them? My car really struggles to start in the cold and I am hopeing new glow plugs will help? (views??) How much is a new set? How much would it cost roughly to fit a new set? My car is going in for a service next week, so was wondering if it was going...
  10. vroomtshh

    Flashing glow plug light

    I accidentally removed fuse no 14 - additional engine heating. And now I have a CEL and flashing glow plug light. Any ideas what I've done?
  11. PlatinumCupra

    My 04 leon intermittent glow plug problem

    Right guys brought my leon 6 months ago, had a re-ocurring problem with the engine management light coming on. the garage who sold me the car sent it to a garage that wasnt main dealers, 6 visits later changed 2 sets of glow plugs and the engine management light still came on. So this morning...
  12. help glow plug light does not come on

    help please i have a 1.9tdi 2000 the glow plug light does not come on and the engine will not start
  13. Replacing Glow Plugs?

    Evening all, Looking to replace the glow plugs on the BKD 2.0TDI engine, and had a visual look all round where i could on the engine block... no joy! cant see them anywhere! Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  14. GLOW PLUG light come on dash ???

    Hey guys, | Ive got a Seat Leon FR : 56 Plate | Any idea's on this one? I was driving on the M62, around 80 mph (as you do :( ) On the dash, the Glow plug light started flashing, then lost car power? slowly it died down, I pulled over onto hard shoulder, switched off the engine and on again...
  15. BanziBarn

    Full throttle - glow plug light flashes breifly - no power

    Hi :) I've done a search on glow plug and the problems seem to be with the light coming on and flashing, mines not doing that exactly. With mine, if I put the engine under heavy load the car stops accelerating (but maintains current speed) and the glow plug light flashes very briefly and...
  16. Glow Plugs

    Right my engine management light has come on and from a vag com it says intermittent glow plug. So im guessing one is on its way out. Anyway im just wondering what glow plugs to go for? are their any that are better than some? I drive a Leon 1.9 TDi 150... 04 plate.
  17. johntheboy

    Glow plugs 150PD

    Ive had an error message come up when VAG-coming my car (2005 Leon PD150 FR+) which has been diagnosed as the glow plug in cylinder 1 as faulty. Ive not even gone as far as removing my engine cover but dont mind having a go at changing these myself as long as it's no great job? I didnt know...
  18. johntheboy

    Changing glow plugs - PD150

    Ive had an error message come up when VAG-coming my car (2005 Leon PD150 FR+) which has been diagnosed as the glow plug in cylinder 1 as faulty. Ive not even gone as far as removing my engine cover but dont mind having a go at changing these myself as long as it's no great job? I didnt know...
  19. digby130?

    glow plug light flashing...brake lights working! help please

    hey guys car is a 05 ibiza tdi fr pd130 basically, after a search i thought it was the brake light switch (common problem on mk4 ibizas) which was causing the flashing glow plug light, but after i checked the brake lights (yes one was out but replaced that!) it was still flashing...driven it...
  20. MikeO

    Glow plug light not always going out

    Hi It's only happened a couple of times (car in sig.). But... Usually the Glow Plug light on the dash comes on for a couple of seconds and then goes out (as I assume it should.). But a few times recently I've turned the key, Glow plug light comes on, but does not seem to go out. Turn the...
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