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  1. Syphon

    Pictures of all the CUPRA Formentor colours

    All the CUPRA Formentor colours shown on the car for the first time
  2. Dynamic Grey - Is it metallic or pearlescent?

    Looking at getting a cupra 280 and have come across dynamic grey, which seems like a pretty interesting colour. Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether it is metallic, pearlescent or standard 'flat' paint. Thanks!
  3. T cut metallic

    Can you use t cut metallic on a non metallic coloured car
  4. Metallic 'tapping' noise at speed

    My friend owns a private road, and I have just been down there to check my car can still drive at speed, and when I get over about 90mph, there is a horrible 'tink, tink, tink, tink' sort of noise, which sounds to be coming from somewhere around the front passenger footwell... There are two...
  5. hoggy90

    My metallic blue leon!

    well guys just put my deposit down on this leon today and i think i shall be very chuffed when i get her:) basically just wanting you guys opinions and suggestions on what to do to her? and if any of you guys out their are talented could have a shot at photoshopping it with some things you...
  6. Scraping metallic sound?!?!

    Twice now i have heard a scraping metal sound on my car. Both times it has sounded like the exhaust has fell off the car and i am pulling it along behind me! Have checked under the car and there is nothing easily identifiable (not a car whizz though). The sound is pretty loud but both times it...
  7. Metallic rattle when reversing after a long drive

    Got home for work last night (30min drive), and when I went to reverse on to/up my drive, I noticed a loud metallic rattle/jingling..... Rolled forward again, no noise.... Reverse, rattling.... Had a look underneath but can't see anything hanging down etc. When I got in the car this...
  8. Dan's MK4 TDi IBIZA - Popular mods, before and after.

    The following is a visual guide detailing a number of popular Mk4 styling modifications. I've provided before and after pics for comparison. Upgrading front Grilles - From standard slatted, to FR honeycombe / de-badged centre). Before... After... Sleek Tailgate, De-Wipered -...
  9. 65coupe

    (56) DAB Sport metallic black - same colour as Bla

    I have a 2006 (56) Ibiza DAB Sport which is metallic black. Is this the same colour as my Black Magic Octavia? Or do I need to buy different paint? (it certainly looks the same...)
  10. metallic clunk whenever im turning at very slow speeds

    Its the best £3600 ive ever spent!!! Hey guys, new to this forum. Just purchased an 02 cupra with the face lift!! I have a few little issues such as i get a very metallic clunk whenever im turning at very slow speeds i.e when parking, from the front right wheel.doesnt do it at normal speeds...
  11. wazb

    anthracite vs metallic anthracite

    ive got a platium ibiza with cupra alloys on, looking to get them refurbed next week from wheelrefurbishing, website www.wheelrefurbishing.co.uk/, they say they have both antracite and metalic i remember seeing a pic but cant find it, which one do you think looks better? have you anu pics...
  12. Metallic rattle/tinkering from just behind drivers right ear

    Hi all, I sometimes get this annoying little rattle from just behind my right ear when driving on some roughish road surfaces at the right speed. It sounds like something hard vibrating/tinkering/rattling on a metal surface. Now I think its coming from the B-Pillar (the middle one), and was...
  13. Metallic rattle

    Morning people. I've had the good old 'metallic' vibration/rattle from the back of the car a few months now and when I got round to gaffer taping the back seat catches I thought this would fix it:funk: It seemed to be fine for a couple of days and has now come back, admittedly not as loud...
  14. Red, Metallic or Standard?

    Hi guys, I'm just about to order my 1.6 Stylance with sports kit but I don't know if I should get the std red or metallic red has anyone got any pics for me to look at? Many thanks, Neil :clap:
  15. p1tse

    metallic rattling vibrating noise when turning left

    when i turn left (only), i think more than 90 degree turn, i get this metallic vibrating noise. not sure where it's coming from. sounds like something scorching against something else (metal against metal) another way to descirbe it reminds me when my old car heat shield fell off and...
  16. FinerDetails

    SEAT Ibiza FR TDi Metallic Black

    I've met Andy on a few occasions through the SEAT forums and he'd been interesting in getting his Ibiza de-swirled and protected for the winter for some time. We finally got a date sorted, and Andy came to Rochdale with his grey swirled Ibiza. So here's the car waiting for me to get...
  17. Removing 'swirls' from Black Magic metallic paint

    Hi guys, Picked up my new Cordoba (Black magic metallic paint) last weekend, and I've noticed that the entire bodywork is covered in swirl marks. Apparently the guy had had the car valeted a week before I bought it..... yeah right! Some cheap polish and a bit of a hoover more like...
  18. CH1

    soft piant? on new Leon (Black metallic)

    I've only had my Leon 5 months from new and am amazed by the number of paint chips on the front bonnet/bumper area. I know nothing can protect against stone chips but just feel its abnormally high wear rate considering the car has just turned 5 months old. Was wondering has anyone else with...
  19. Volcano Red Metallic

    Paintwork Problems I have an Ibiza January 2003 model which seems to suffer very badly from stone chips. When cleaning it yesterday it looked as though someone had fired a shotgun at the bonnet! There is also an area on the offside wing which appears to have the lacquer off and just shows a...
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