1. alx_chung

    Speaker upgrade for MKII Leon

    Was thinking of upgrading the speakers on my MKII Leon. Any recommendations on a good solid set of components that won't break the bank? Budget of £100 to £180. Had a look at the usual JBL, Alpine and Infinity. I currently have an Alpine IVA-W202R HU in the car. Do you recommend getting an amp...
  2. Buying MKII Leon

    Buying MKII Leon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to go out with my Daughter on Saturday and get a Leon for her (she must be impressed with my Toledo ! Anyway, the Choice is : 1.6 Stylance with 23K on Clock 1.9TDI...
  3. Buying MKII Leon

    I'm going to go out with my Daughter on Saturday and get a Leon for her (she must be impressed with my Toledo ! :whistle: Anyway, the Choice is : 1.6 Sport with 23K on Clock 1.9TDI Stylance with 44K on Clock 1.9TDI Reference with 44K on Clock I know what I'd go for is the TDI's...
  4. SeatDanny

    Seat Danny's MKII Leon BTCC 140

    Just upgraded from a 2006 1.2 ibiza! Loving my leon. 140 tdi, 2.0L Btcc Kit Pipercross Filter Red Calipers Ultimate 6000k HID Kit, LED Sidelights Cruise Control, Dual Climate Control Cupra Alu Pedals and Armrest added Black Leon sill guards
  5. jase750

    What's a MKII 8v GTi worth ?

    I know it's hard to say without looking at the individual car, I've looked on e-bay and they are anywhere between £300-£1300 it's a 1999 3door 2.0 8valve 86k, in bronze no tax or mot and it's stood for 2 years without turning a wheel it's got all the goodies and the body work and interior are...
  6. MkII Gti 16v MOT problems

    I recently took my car for an mot and it failed. I was told I need to get two new top mounts for the front suspension and the headlights appear to have dropped part of its aiming mechanism into the sealed unit itself. As I am new to the group and was hoping someone may be able to point me in...
  7. Icehquk

    Leon MKII Satnav multimedia interface 4 video problem

    I have brought a 'multimedia interface' to play video through my MFD2 satnav. I got the item from Ebay after seeing it working on a video on youtube as proof it could be done. . . . I installed the it last night and only get a black and white picture...
  8. Leon MkII Servicing

    Ok Quick question What is included on the following services pls for the Cupra and PD170 FR only please 10k 20k 30k 40k 50k 60k
  9. FR MKII - Replacement Alloy

    After having an unplanned meeting with a kerb today I find myself in need of a replacement alloy. It is a standard 17" 'Alhioth' alloy wheel, as fitted to 2008 FR's. The dealer is quoting £228 for one wheel! So has anyone got a spare one, perhaps after changing? I'm after as new perfect as...
  10. Does the MKII Leon Cupra has LSD?

    Hi mates, i have a question, does the MKII Leon Cupras have a Limited Slip Differential? Best Regards,
  11. Seat Ibiza Cupra and Golf mkII GTi team in Egypt

    Hey for all, me and a friend of mine r creating a Vag team in Egypt and it consists of Ibiza Cupra and Golf GTI, please post ur opinions and what do u think about the two cars, Thank U :):):)
  12. /dev/null

    MKII Leon FR - 40K Service?

    How much should a 40K mile service be for a Leon FR TDi (MK2)?
  13. MKII Rally Suspension

    Hi Guys, Looking for some parts and or advice: We've been using Bilstein Polo GpN Gravel rear struts for the last couple of years but need something better, the problem started with the fact the polo units are 50mm longer than ideal so have been using helper srings to allow car to sit at...
  14. Leon MKII Service indicator

    Hi All, My car was servced about 1500 miles ago by the dealer, the service light has now come on so I think that the service warning thing wasn't reset. Can I reset this myself? I have searched the forum but cant see instructions specific to the MKII. The info may be in the handbook but I...
  15. Few Leon MKII Questions need answers please?? IPOD & MIRRORS?

    Hello Got a September 2007 Leon FR 170TDI. The mirrors dont seem to fold in when your driving above 25 MPH, you have to slow right down , hit the switch, then speed back up. Is this normal on them. Also :headhurt: I had the Ipod connection from factory, but what i wasn't told was...
  16. 16" rims on Leon FR MKII?

    Could you fit 16" inch rims on the FR with the 312mm discs? I´m pretty sure they will fit but i´m not 100% sure... It´s for wintertyres. :headhurt:
  17. CANIS

    Front Brake Upgrade for Leon MkII FR.

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a Front Brake upgrade for my FR.:) I am aware the FR has 312mm x 25mm Vent.Discs as standaed and the Cupra comes with 345mm x 30mm Vent.Disc's. I am assuming the Cupra is a 4-Pot Caliper?:shrug: Does anyone know if this would fit straight onto my FR, it has...
  18. MkII Tdi Fr Frustrating Limp Mode Fault

    I'm having a problem with my seven month old Leon fr TDi. The car currently has 16700 miles on the clock. About two months ago the diesel particulant light appeared on the dash. I believe that this occurs on cars doing lots of short journeys, coking up. I had been driving for two...
  19. FinerDetails

    MKII Leon FR - black magic

    Welcome to the on-line Detailing Report of a brand new Leon FR in Black Magic Met paint, and less than 200 miles on the clock too. Washing and Cleaning Preparation The first task for me is to start to clean, and prepare the car for the Detailing work. As always, I begin by washing the...
  20. MKII - OBD1 or OBD2

    We have a new toy at work that is compatible with OBD2 diagnostic ports I'm not sure what the Ibiza MKII has, there's conflicting info on the web and with staff here Any info would be great Thanks! Sean
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