1. 2018 Cupra.jpg

    2018 Cupra.jpg

    Like it's brothers before it, I added my "signature" stripe of plastidip to the lower doors. In my opinion it narrows the doorline visually, filling in the vast blank space and actually drawing more attention to the cutlines on the flanks. Not to mention saves the door edges from damage.
  2. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
  3. Painted Outer Trims On Doors

    I have a red ibiza 1.9TDI FR on a 54 plate, the painted trims on the outside of the 2 front doors and back quarters........ Are these standard painted because i have never seen another FR with painted door trims they are all black.
  4. Cupra K1 - Going back to standard!

    Have had a build thread up of my car on two other sites but a SEAT site so thought it would be only fair to update on here also. ;) Pics the day I put down the deposit in it. One test drive and it sealed the deal. Bear in mind I was coming from a 1.4 so its easy to see how I became smitten...
  5. painted bits on engine . (pics)

    hi guys last week we had a crack on tommys engine bay as winter has taken its toll and made all parts look frosty and dirty so heres a quick pics of what our results turned out looks much better than it was. soz mate but got to but this up of you doin work rocker cover looks bright...
  6. JamJay

    Cleaning A Freshly Painted Car

    Fingers crossed and all being well, I should have my car back by the weekend, all lovely and resprayed. Obviously I won't be using any abrasives for a couple of months like polish, glaze or cleaner wax but what can I do to keep the car clean and protected? Can I wet wash as normal, any...
  7. Car spray painted

    This is the closest thread I could find to match the topic... if there is another one suitable - can you please move it :) Ta! I wouldn't normally ask about anything like this as I initially think it's a waste of money :) However - the misses is now in love with the idea... Anyone...
  8. White_Lady_170

    Front Grill "S" painted black...?

    Has anyone on here done this mod? Saw a black Cupra with BTCC Kit at Portstewart on East Sunday (very big cruising place/day in N. Ireland) and the SEAT "S" on the front grill was painted black also. was a very subtle, tasteful looking mod. How would you go about doing this to get a good...
  9. cupra drew

    wheels painted wot ya think

    aup lads just got my wheels back from being painted anthracite only paid £100 too there not perfect but for £100 i aint complaining lol let me no what ya think:think: i think:drool:lol[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  10. Custom painted Forge Front Mount Intercooler

    Hi all my, front mount intercooler was looking abit weathered so i painted it today,got a template from forge very helpful,so if anyone wants to borrow it there more than welcome;)
  11. CELICA88

    Just painted my wheels black

    Just painted my ggenuine audi TT wheels on my Ibiza black, and wanted to hear a few opinions weather they looked better siver or black. Heres the pics of them painted, not got round to painting the centre caps but im kinda liking it like that! Theres also pics in the same folder with silver...
  12. dicko's

    Black Wrinkle painted LCR Engine Bay Components

    just painted my inlet manifold,rocker cover and charge pipe in crackle effect black :D just need to finish fitting tomorrow then ill get an engine bay pic up. But here are the pics of said parts,and if i do say so my self i think they look [B)]
  13. Anyone painted their Mk2 Leon cupra rims anthracite?

    Just bought a set of cupra rims. I was thinking about painting or powdercoating an anthracite colour as i think it would look good on a black leon. Just wondering if anyone has had theirs done? I can only find pics with the gloss black or silver. Cheers Gaz
  14. Want to get calipers painted... advice?

    I love the big red cupra brakes, but they look strange with the black wheels! i want some nice white calipers, i think the whole black / white contrast will look fantastic ! obviously i don't want to do it myself, i want them properly done , baked etc anyone got any thoughts, comments...
  15. Death Proof

    MK4 Ibiza Sport 1.4

    Standard at the moment but i have plans for the future. New body kit and wheels on the cards i think. Will a LCR splitter fit that front bumper?
  16. andygolf

    just painted

    ive just had my mirrors painted black looks quite smart on the yellow.:D was maybe thinking of getting my roof painted black what do you guys think?
  17. Painted engine cover

    Got bored in the workshop the other day so i painted my engine plastic cover. 1) Remove cover screws with a 5mm allen key. 2) Used a scotch pad to key the surface of the cover, at the same time you could use panel wipe. Panel wipe will clean off any oils or dirt from the engine. 3)...
  18. SpursMadDave

    Painted Black Door Mirrors

    Hi thanks for the answers on the painted black front grille, have ordered it from my dealer, but just after i thought about the Door Mirrors too, would look so much better in black to match the rest of the car, i know the Cupra comes with painted black ones like the grille, but does anyone know...
  19. PIC REQUEST: Painted tail lights (ibiza MK4)

    anyone painted the inside of his tail lights ? anyone have pics of that ? thanks ;)
  20. Black Gloss Painted Plastic Bits

    Has anyone seen or thought about having the plastic parts of the Cupra/Cupra R painted to a nice gloss black so they give a nice deep shine? i.e. the Slatted Grille and the honeycomb mesh at the bottom instead of it being just ordinary plastic.. Just a thought i had when looking at some...
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