1. magicoi

    Clutch prices . . .Leon Cupra TDi

    Im asking here as its too latetoday to ring a dealer / garage to check out prices for a replacement clutch as mines slipping. Getting worse and needs doing sooner rather than later Im toying with the idea of uprates Sachs job and then geting a map but im not sure i really have the money...
  2. Cupra tdi prices

    Now then, I was browsing the net the other day and whilst I was on there I thought I'd check for how much cupra tdi's are advertised at/going for (my car is a 56 plate with 52k on the clock by the way) and checked a couple of valuation sites afterwards. I was pleasantly suprised to find...
  3. Front end prices?

    Hi all - had my car crashed into at the gym today - front bumper is smashed, grill surround broken, indicator cracked and possibly headlight needs to be replaced. I think the wing and bonnet are fine but need to check in the morning - just as a first impression before I start hunting round...
  4. BRB

    Clutch help

    My clutch went on my 04 leon cupra r ...... does anyone know the prices or were i can get a new one fitted .......anyone else fitted a new clutch ...The clutch pedal is on the floor and when i start car there is smoke coming out of engine with a rattling noise....... was told it was my slave...
  5. ets2k9

    Fabia wiper dealer prices?

    What is the going rate for a fabia rear wiper from a dealer? I rang up a dealer today and they were quoting £25 which seems a bit ripe to me. You can get them off ebay for less which surprised me as I thought they would mark up the dealer prices: Ebay link
  6. prices for tyres and pads

    hi can anyone reccommedn or give me some prices for 2 front tyres for lcr 210 on 18" also brake pads for the fronts, cheers for your help;)
  7. D.K

    LCR Battery prices

    Has anyone replaced the battery on a Cupra or Cupra R recently ? If so how much did you pay ?

    Leon 52 plate sale prices?

    I have a Facelift Leon Cupra 52 plate. Comes with leather interior, folding mirrors and all the other normal stuff, climate control etc etc. Does have full service history just got to get Seat to stamp the last few It has 105k on the clock and i'm thinking about selling soon and wondered looking...
  9. Busta

    Prices of accessories

    Hey guys, this a very important topic , I do not know why nobody posted it before. I check several european markets and I see different price level of the accesories. They are very expensive in Bulgaria(east europe) ,about 20-30% above the prices in Uk. I can not understand why. I am curious...
  10. tyre prices

    just had 3 prices for tyres 225-40-18 toyo proxis £100 each fitted vredestein £97 fitted goodyear assemetrics £125 i wanted rim protection and theses tyres have but not to sure what to go for . i have done 19000 on the p zero rossos on my fr td1 these give good mileage but no rim protection
  11. karizma_fas

    Is these prices any good for 2005 LCR?

    Hi all, Just been to the garage and they tell me I need; 1 X Front N/S(Passenger Side) Track Rod End and N/S & O/S Front Wishbone rear bushes. Is it better just buying the whole Wishbone instead of just the bushes? Should I get uprated bushes like Powerflex? Can you buy uprated bushes...
  12. Service prices Seat XL 170 TDI DPF

    Hello All, Can anybody tell me the prices of the next 4 services that I will have to get done to my Altea XL! 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 Is there anything that I will have to look out for? Also what will Seat try and sell as an extra! Any info will be great! Kinjamin
  13. Midlands Based Prices For Fitting Coilovers?

    as above. just purchased height adjustable coilovers. great price, decent product. can anyone give ma an insight on how much it costs to get them set up? i know some places do good prices on supply and fit but i couldnt turn down the price i got mine for.. and can anyone suggest somewhere good...
  14. pd cambelt kit prices

    Where is the cheapest for a PD cambelt kit it has to be genuine parts ive been quoted £108 for the belt and 2 rollers from the dealer and then need the metal water impeller water pump too. Is there anywhere cheaper.
  15. Cupra TDI 150

    Short shifter prices

    Guys & Girls, How much have you been paying for your short shifters? I have seen there was a company doing them for around £30 but apparently that was a special offer and now have gone back up to £60 + £6 postage, thing is my birthday is looming, and want to get as many mods from the misses...
  16. sachs clutch + flywheel, Are these prices right?

    I have read numerous topics about the clutches on the 1.9 tdi 150 and im really close to buying one and getting it remapped soo im gonna put an uprated clutch in it to hold the power but im really confused; look below and see the two clutch kits, very expensive...
  17. meltonlad

    very strange water loss probs NOW WITH PRICES advice peeps

    ive got a very strange water loss problem.. i can fill it up to the max mark then drive 30/40 miles stop and check it and its on the min mark... no signs of water dripping any wear, no mayo on oil cap, runs fine, temp staying on 90, BUT when i stopped to check it i saw steam coming from bottom...
  18. cambelt prices 130 tdi ibiza

    hi anyone know a good place to get the cambelt and water pump done in the birmingham area ? getting qoutes around the 300 mark is this right? thanks
  19. Squintstream

    225/40/18 F1 Assymetric prices

    On the hunt for some Goodyear F1 Assymetric… So far I’ve found the following prices (all include VAT, delivery and fitting) Blackcircles = £128.43 Mytyres = £122.70 Tyrexpress = £117.89 Camskill = £115.00 Luckily, my trusted local tyre fitter (in Derby) has undercut all the above and...
  20. Tuning, styling and prices

    I'm looking to buy a Leon Turbo and would appreciate some advice how much some upgrades are worth (or cost) for power and styling. For example how much is a remap and what power does that give (in reality) What is needed to get 220hp+? How much does a cupra lower front bumper cost (+...
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