1. Bas H.

    AP Racing brake replace SEAT Cupra 6J (question)

    Hi, Thinking of replacing the Brake Discs and pads myself. I got the SEAT Upgraded Sport brakes from AP Racing. Problem is: I dont know which products to use. I can't find which braking pads/discs should be for my car. Tried to check up the PR Code but that didnt helped out...
  2. Syphon

    Motorcycle racer Laia Sanz becomes CUPRA brand ambassador

    Syphon submitted a new article Motorcycle racer Laia Sanz becomes CUPRA brand ambassador Continue reading the full article
  3. Ferryman

    Aftermarket wheels that fit over AP Racing caliper

    Unlike you lucky folks in UK, my Cupra did not have 4-piston AP Racing calipers as standard equipment. Now I want to upgrade the standard crappy calipers to the ones made by AP, but... I also need to get a new set of wheels since my old ones were stolen :censored: Now I would like to know...
  4. Stike? Cupra Cup Racing 2.0 16valves Stickers

    Good nights for everyone who wants to give a touch of his Seat Ibiza Cupra Gti 2.0 8 Here you have a file in Corel Draw I made there are the 3 stickers of cupra 1 (2 equal to paste into the fenders and small for the trunk). You will have Cupra_listo_para_corte.cdr file on a cd...
  5. sambryant

    Kei Racing Force 10 will they fit my car

    hi all. im in love with a set of alloys, they are Kei Racing Force 10. i have a lcr a wanted to no if they will fit, as the shop where i want to buy them say the wont fit due to the brembos. i was ok with this until i saw this pic now can any one tell me how this guy managed to fit these...
  6. ABD Racing Intake Manifold

    Has anyone tried this on there 1.8T I have just purchased an Audi R8 oil cap as had an oil change and mine is completely shagged but came across this:D.....
  7. Engine seems to be racing

    hey everyone, i have a 08 FR and out driving it this morning i was cruising along at 60mph and it was as if the engine was looking for an extra gear, it was sitting at 3,000 revs so I increased the speed to 90mph and it was at 4,500 revs. Am I actually losing my mind or could there be a problem?
  8. ABD Racing Inlet manifold

    Another mod option I'm looking at (running with a hybrid K04) is the ABD Racing inlet manifold? Anyone installed or used one of these? Awesome GTI are the UK distributors, and their stock response is "yes, it makes a significant difference", which to me means they're reading off the ABD...
  9. anybody know Stealth Racing ?

    Hi, I am about to install stage 2+ and would like to get an aggressive but relativly linear map. Apart from APR / REVO one of the shops here offer the option of a custom chip done by Vince from Stealth Racing in the UK (i live in israel). I know that he does very well on the 1.8t but no...
  10. AntneeUK

    AP Racing Discs

    Does anyone know anything about the AP Racing two-piece discs for the LCR? Apparently part number CP4590-010BNP.CG8 (plus DS2500 pads :D) I figure they must be better than the EBC Turbo Groove discs that I have at the moment and I'm considering a future upgrade...
  11. jcp

    AP racing kit NOW FITTED WITH PICS

    I posted a while back on this topic and the kit is now ready for my car- I hope to have them fitted by the end of the week- here is the guys advert from another forum- I will report back but I am optimistic that the outcome will be better than the iron upgrade route and may be lighter than and...
  12. Robbie C

    Racing battery terminals

    I've just ordered an Odyssey Racing Extreme 25 battery as I'm relocating it to the spare wheel well but reading it says this comes with M6 battery terminals. Does this mean I can't fit standard...
  13. racing stripes...

    Hi to everyone, i'm new to this site as i'm just about to buy my first leon cupra r!!! I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I am interested in a particular car which has racing stripes as fitted by seat from new ( two silver stripes over the roof and bonnet on a black car ) does...
  14. Leon Cupra XYZ Racing Coilovers fitted (with pics)

    Some pics before and after doing the K1, wheels and XYZ Racing Coilovers Before After
  15. Willie

    Racing spec bucket seats

    Now that we have a family car and the handling is well sorted in my car it's time to strip the interior (and sell on;)) and get some proper bucket seats. There was a thread before from a guy with a LC wanting bucket seats but it has come to nothing. I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of...
  16. racing steering wheels

    was jus wondering if anyone new if racing steering wheels are e legal as u dont have a airbag
  17. Dan Eaves & Adam Jones - Cartridge World Carbon Zero racing

    2nd driver announced - roll on April!! Adam Jones goes Carbon Zero BTCC frontrunner to partner Dan Eaves in bio-ethanol BTCC frontrunner Adam Jones has announced that he will join the newly-formed Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing team in the 2009 HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship...
  18. CupraR_Lad

    Normad Racing Gauge Pods

    Hey guy's I ordered a seat leon cupra pillar pod black double 52mm RHD from normad racing and received the item yesterday! I took a good look at it, and it seems to me that its not made very well!!Don't get me wrong it does match the pillar very well indeed!! But the thing that's bugging me is...
  19. ZBOYD

    Andrew Jordan joins VXR Racing

    It's just been announced at Autosport Show, that Andrew Jordan will race for Vauxhall’s title-winning team VX Racing in 2009’s HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship.
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