1. Syphon

    SEAT updates its range for 2019

    Syphon submitted a new article SEAT updates its range for 2019 Continue reading the full article
  2. Andrewcupra TDI

    mk2 ECOmotive range help please

    hi guys one of the boys in work is looking at the seat ecomotive ones for company car but theres two listed an ecomotive SE & an ecomotive SE tech is there any differences , went to seat and they just scratched their heads ummmmmmm from reading broachures it may be this start...
  3. CupraSmitten

    New engine range??

    Just called into a SEAT dealer near work and heard the sales guy telling a customer that a new range of engines are on the way soon. Couldn't hear anything else. Anyone any ideas?
  4. nightflight

    Seat Ibiza Colour Range

    There's numerous threads of people asking for pictures of the various colours the new ibiza's available in so it made sense to create a single post with them all in. If you need a touch up paint for any of these colours, or just want the code, then Click Here (takes you to the Seat Accessories...
  5. Mk2 Seat Toledo hubs - same across range?

    The bearing has gone in the OSF hub of my wife's 1999 Seat Toledo 1.8 20v. Rather than getting a new bearing for £25 and going to the hassle of getting it pressed in by some local garage, I thought I'd see if I could find a breaker and grab the hub off it and swap that out. The only breakers I...
  6. FinerDetails

    Finerdetails - two seriously f'ed black range rovers

    Thought you guys might appreciate the work here if not the badge ;) Its been a long week, and its far from over yet. First insight: Range Rover Sport HSE, 04 plate, and been demolished by a bodyshop: two pics to set your taste buds going: This one was treated to full exterior...
  7. Headlights Range Control?

    Hi, I bought a Mark 2 Leon Cupra yesterday and really really love it, I keep finding reasons to go out driving it! :D My only problem though - it appears there is no way to manually configure the range of the head lights? After reading the manual, I found that the lights are supposed to...
  8. Range Computer taking the ....!

    Been running my TDi Fr130 for a couple of months now and for the most part its been an enjoyable experience. One thing that bugs me is how the OBC works things out on short journeys... Went to work this morning 4mile trip & the range said 250miles, got in my car to come back and it was...
  9. Mitchy

    VAG K04 Turbo Range...

    Not specifically Leon related so i suppose it shouldn't be posted in here but question is, what cars in the VAG range use the same engines and turbos? (New breed) I know the base 2.0t cars are 200bhp, although the new golf gti upto 210bhp? What have VW done to extract the additional 10bhp...
  10. ZBOYD

    Altea range facelift for 2009 - official

    Official pics of the facelifted Altea range have been released by SEAT and the car debuts alongside a facelifted Leon Mk2 at the same time. More info - http://www.seatcupra.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1055&Itemid=1
  11. danwfr

    rev range

    hey guys, this might sound stupid but how many rpm do you rev your cars to because i reved mine past 4500 to day and when i lifted off the throttle the revs stayed quite high for a few moments, is this normal?
  12. jcp


    Sorry to appear dense but I have a lack of knowledge that you may be willing to help with. I have and love an 07 Fr and am not sure what the following are, the K1 and the Fr 550. Could anyone please sketch in the specs for me?:headhurt:
  13. Atlantia

    Anyone know the BHP of the mk3 range?

    I know, I've only got the little 1.4 cool/s, but hanging around here and reading all these posts from the die-hard Cupra-suppa-uppas I'm curious about what the standard BHP of the range is and what people have managed to 'tweak' it up to? I don't even know what mine is at the moment? Wonder...
  14. warren_cox

    SEAT Ibiza 1.2S reviewed in Autocar (they say best in the range)

    Always worrying when they say the 1.2S is 'the best' engine in the range!!! God help the Cupra. Good to see the little one getting a good review though, so no complaints here. http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/FirstDrives/Seat-Ibiza-1.2-12v-S/235935/
  15. chrisRibiza

    Petrol range - Computer Display

    Hi Ive got a 1.4 16v 2007 MK4 Ibiza Sport and it was in today getting the air conditiong motor replaced under warranty. When I left the car in, the wee computer said i had 95 miles left in my tank which was about right for 1/4 tank left but when I got the car back tonight it said there...
  16. Foxy

    Remote range

    Just wondering how close you have to be for the keyfob remote to lock/unlock. My pugs worked from about 20 yards away, however with the Leon it seems to work only from about 4-5 yards. The batteries in the fob are brand new. Is this the same for everyone?
  17. Power dropping in low rev range? R-Reg TDI

    Hey guys Ive got a ibiza AHU 1998 tdi however recently its been dropping in power in lower rev range.. usually b4 the turbo kicks in.. it seems like it hesitates or starved of fuel, well it actually drops in speed then will suddenly shoot off any ideas? some times i have to take my foot off...
  18. Turbo boost range

    Hi peeps Looking into replacing the std k03 turbo Don't want to spend silly money on an IHI or have any fitment worries so looking at a k03s ko4 or a AM04 something i can bolt on & remap What sort of boost range do these have? i'd like to know about power delivery torque and rev ranges...
  19. Madmile

    Jabbasport extended turbo range

    Just had a look on there site and noticed this. This was kept quiet. Extended Turbo Range August 2 2006 Extended Turbo Range After extensive R & D Jabbasport will introduce 3 new turbo variants the first 2 will be rated upto 380Bhp for small port and 390Bhp for a large port...
  20. Leon 2 Complete Range Statistics

    It may help, the Seat site makes it really hard to compare. Soz if its elsewhere i couldn't find it ( is it sticky worthy? )
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