1. Damoegan

    Rolling road day section!!

    Am I going daft or had the Rolling road day section disappeared?
  2. dippy4000

    Rolling road v liquid gauge readings

    I was wondering why there is a difference between the rr and liquid gauge power and torque outputs. for example the car was stage 1 mapped in june on a hot day, on the rr it came out with 208bhp and 242 lb/ft, the liquid gauge today says 197bhp and 222lb/ft. I have only done approx...
  3. Mr OCD

    LC run on dyno dynamics rolling road session...

    Got a bit of a surprise yesterday when I turned up at a customers premises to find he owns his own garage with a dyno dynamics rolling road... so cheekily I asked how much to run the Cupra on it... free he said ... :funk: So the Cupra was bolted up to the rolling road and given a run... not...
  4. Freewheelin'

    Car Off The Road Till The End Of The Month

    Last Wednesday the DPF warning light came on after a long motorway run, which didn't seem right....first time in 25k miles. The same evening the glow plug and engine management lights came on in quick succession and the car went into "limp" mode. Took the car to the dealers on Thursday morning...
  5. bateman fr

    fr back on road big thanks to guys at amd essex

    got leon back new clucth flywheel short shift and stage two remap 200 bhp well happy with that have only got air filter, exshaust and egr removed am looking for advise on fitting aqua mist system ? :clap:
  6. adm013

    Rolling Road Preperations

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about sticking my car on the rolling road just for curiosity sake. Just wondering if there are any preparations i would have to make before doing this. Also, is it quite hard on the car, and what is involved in the run? Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Cupra Ken

    rolling road results

    I was invited to go to an s2 rolling road day so i thought i would get my cupra on there, my car made 189 bhp and 250 lb ft of torque at 20 psi. i had 3 runs and it made the same power dead on twice, just wondered if this sounded right for my spec, it has revo stage 1 de cat, green cotton...
  8. _williams_

    Your road to Ibiza ownership . . .

    basically thought it might be interesting to see what everyone has owned before the ibiza, also what attracted you to your ibiza . . . ? i'll start . . 1. Old crappy escort 1.4 2. R reg Clio 1.2 3. W reg Polo 1.4 4. MK3 Astra 1.4 5. MK3 Astra 1.8 Sport...
  9. tgorman

    Bad Results At JKM Rolling road - Any ideas why ?

    Got Very Bad rr results only got 230bhp car was running perfectly air to fuel wise have no idea why it was so bad a standard mapped lcr got 240bhp on tthe run before my mods are Seat Cupra R 225 APR Stage 2 Remap + 4 Programs (standard 225 ,95Ron,99ron,Valet) +Throttle Body...
  10. WeeG

    PD160 intake and green panel filter rolling road results.

    Hey guys another post for today as about 2 months ago i done an experiment which many said would show a small gain. My remapped fr tdi, was remapped by angel tuning, advertised at 180+. I went onto by green panel filter and a pd160 air intake. I went to hillington rolling road, where they have a...
  11. road tax?

    hello i`m a newbie, may i first say what a great forum! you guys are proper friendly and helpful. i`ve been looking at 225 cupras for a while absoluty love em! just saving my pennies! but i just wanted to know how much is the road tax on one? also with these new stupid tax prices coming in...
  12. wilky87

    Rolling Road

    Finally got my Mk4 Ibiza FR 20VT ready for its 1st power run. :) Got it booked in this saturday at Motorscope Northallerton. Has anyone on here used them before? Spec: BMC Twin Cone Induction Bailys Twin Piston DV Milltek Cat Back System Stage 1 Remap Ill be happy with anything over...
  13. rolling road.

    Hi there,# i had my leon 1.8t rolling roaded today. Now it ws a dyno dynamics but was a portable like one .. anyway . she was the 180bhp varient . has got an amd stage 1 map, and a milltek catback. I achived 194.5 bhp max and about 235 ft lb torque. now im pleased with the torque figure. and i...
  14. fast road, track set up

    im after setting up my car for road and track. I frequent the nurburgring a few times a month(bonus of working abroad:D, so i cant set it up for smooth tracks, and this is also an everyday car that my wife drives, so i have to cut a fine balance.:shrug: I currently have corner weighted...
  15. RobT

    UK road legality of trackday tyres?

    Hi Folks I would be interested to know what your opinions are of the UK road legality of the following tyres: Feedback gratefully received Cheers Rob
  16. Rolling road results are in!!!

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all those that gave advice on the remap! Finally Bluefin’ed the Cupra and got a Pipercross panel filter installed. Had a rolling road last night and was pleasantly surprised with the results: Power at Flywheel 312.1 Bhp at 6439rpm Power at Wheels 266.5Bhp Maximum...
  17. MarkWales

    results of my rolling road run

    SUN POWER DIAGNOSTIC Vehicle type : Seat Leon TDI 150 Engine type : Diesel Reg Nr. : HN04 ### Operator : Tommy Date : 15.05.09 Time : 15:51 POWER DATA Norm power P-norm : 167.5 BHP accord to DIN 70020 Engine output P-eng : 163.0 BHP Wheel output P-wheel : 129.0 BHP Drag...
  18. Ibiza 130 tdi

    TSR Rolling Road Day - 18th April 09

    My pics from the day! Can you guess which car was my fav? :lol: Lotus Elise 1.8t engine transplant: Rashcupra's old Mk2!
  19. dippy4000

    rolling road

    hiya all, i'm in Dartford kent, would anybody be able to recommend where i could go for a power run? also how much do they cost? cant find any. Thanks all.
  20. Hard Wiring Road Angel

    Hi, Has anyone hard wired a road angel into a Leon ?? I don't like the cable being on show and find the position of the cigarette lighter not the best for having something plugged in that sits on the dash. I don't want to start randomly pulling at bits of the dash and console etc as its...
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