1. Road Noise & Sound Deadening

    Had my Ibiza FR a couple of months now, and over all I am VERY happy with it. Only niggles left are the headlight (getting sorted on thursday) and the road noise that seems to get through to the cabin in this car. Ive read about people sound deadening the doors etc, but exactly how much...
  2. Finally Road registered and Legal

    Just got this car engineered and registered, oh yeah and got some new plates. 8) :lol: I`m very excited and its all going great so far. Goes on the dyno on Monday.
  3. Leon fr tdi rolling road figures

    Rolling road figures leon FR tdi revo Had my car revod last week and done 300 miles since. Just had RRd and i got 183bhp @fly wheels. is that good or should i expect more
  4. Road noise!!!

    Is it just my car or does every ibiza sound like a dustbin on casters,The road noise is terrible,could it be down to the tyres???I have a 1.4 sport 55 reg,2 weeks old with bridgestone tyres,Does anyone else have this annoyance???:confused:
  5. micky 32

    Awesome rolling road day

    Was at the uk-mkivs rolling road day, I got 190bhp at the wheels and 203 at the flywheel, i seem to have very low transmission losses.:)
  6. ibiza_95

    rolling road quick question

    just a quick one and then ill delete it. but what do they use when you have that massive fan blowing on your engine to stop the bonnet from flying off? or does it just simply not fly off at all. tttaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. Road Angel Wired To Interior Light help

    Just hard wired my Road Angel 2 into the interior light, it works a treat, ran the cable straight up the A Pillar into the roof liner and into the light unit Only problem i have is when i turn the engine off and lock the car the road angel stays on Any ideas, i wanted to wire it to the...
  8. 2002 1.4 16v Ibiza Road speed fault?????

    Can anyone tell me how or where the speedo gets its reading from? The speedo suddenly stopped working so I thought there must be a problem with the sensor located in experience on top of the diff housing. When I checked this there was a cable going to a blank dummy fitting that sits in the hole...
  9. Forbez

    Road Angel Compact vs New Road Angel

    I am looking into getting a camera detector in the near future, and am undecided, as far as i've read, the road angel seems to get a damn good write up, in all reviews. But im a little confused as to which one to go for, whether to go for the compact or the new road angel, apart from the...
  10. Ninja

    Went to G Force for a rolling road day

    Spent the day with the guys from the PGAC today at G Force Motorsport in Aylesbury for a rolling road day :lol: Was a really good day and the guys there definately know their stuff.... All cars had their oil and tyres etc checked before running and we all got 3 runs for £35! Would...
  11. jase750

    Rolling Road Results 100 PD

    Took the car to MIKEANICS 01260297115 in congleton this morning for a power run.His rollers are known to be a bit low but no excuses. Peak power = 130.3 Bhp @3953 Rpm Peak torque = 209.6 lb/ft @2740 Rpm The graph (which I'll try and post later) shows that the power is pretty linear up...
  12. quattroman

    Galfer 1055s LCR' fast road' pads Arrived.

    Just to save contacting everybody by PM the 1055 fast road pads have arrived for the LCR. Anybody who put there name down will be first to be contacted and then its a free for all.
  13. SPOTTED : New Leon Prototype on the road

    One of my mates spotted these on his travels back from London to Scotland... He didn't have a clue what they were but to me they look like a couple of NEW LEON's...
  14. Madmile

    E-05 Rolling Road Figures, and Graph It's Looking very good for the E-05 equiped Ibiza's, due shortly.:cheers: Running optimax i am sure Jabba can make further improvements on the bhp figure. Poor Yanks and 91 oct fuel. Diff fuel rating diff power These are the dyno...
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