1. Ran over wet paint in road, How do I remove paint splatter?

    Right, first not sure if this is really in right place so apologies if it isn't Secondly ran over some wet white paint last night, saw it too late to avoid it completely and now I have white paint spray down one sill, up inside left wheel arches, round the outside of left front wheel arch, up...
  2. Rolling Road - Cardiff

    Gents, Just wondeirng if anyone is aware of a good place in Cardiff (or anywhere in South Wales) to get a rolling road done. A mate has just had his S3 Customer Coded and was wondering what it is now pushing - might just make me get the LCR done. Cheers Alex.
  3. rickyjones1209

    LCR rolling road done today...disappointing and scary news!

    Got the motor on the rolling road this morning to see how the car is running. i had a receipt from Raceevo uk when i bought the car showing 260bhp but no graph. i have since added a catback exhaust, dv and k+n. i didnt expect this to increase power only set me up for more mods. anyway, the...
  4. Rolling road test

    I am thinking of booking my car in for a rolling road test. my car is a 08 plate IBIZA 1.9 TDI SPORT. its only done 19,500 miles. is it save to go on with this mileage, or should i wait untill i have done a few more miles ?
  5. sirjimalot

    Have you had a respray? ITS ON THE ROAD!!

    Hi Guys Im repairing my old mk3 at work and its pretty much getting a full shoot, i was just gonna go for the original silver, but now im thinking maybe something else, nothing fancy just a regular colour, One thing i dont think i have seen is a Brown ibiza, ha. So just want some ideas...
  6. rolling road in west of scotland

    As title suggest any one know of anywhere with a rolling road in the west of scotland? The reason i ask is ive just had my LCR in for a service and cambelt change and the mechanic reckons its already been re-mapped,they were a vag specialist and offer remap so im inclined to think he knows what...
  7. RobT

    why fit coilovers to road cars?

    why do people do this?
  8. road noise

    my car makes a booming noise at low speeds read on here may be wheel bearings anyone had similar probs
  9. skullarms

    road noise?/

    Hi all, got a horrible noise coming from, i think, the rear drivers side of my 2001 Leon Cupra. Noise gets loud after about 20 mph then carries on getting louder, read on here it could be tyre noise, but also read it could be wheel bearings? Got so loud blasting down the a34 yesterday i had...
  10. A9_SLU

    Cupra off the road

    My Cupra is currently off the road and has been since September is there anything that I should do to stop things corroding? It is in a dry garage so I am hoping it will be ok. Will it matter if the battery goes flat for a long period of time? Also when I go back to drive it again in a...
  11. Invisible

    Road / Cabin Noise?

    Just wanted to sound this out with other Seat drivers as my car has been like this ever since I bought it. I have a 57 plate, Leon, the 2.0T FSI version with the DSG on it. While driving at low speeds I seem to hear a wobbling/vibration sound (best way I can describe it!) that get quicker...
  12. ibiza_95

    NOV 29th Rolling road day photos

    Photos from yesterdays rolling road day courtesy of G.Proffitt For hi res versions search flickr for gproffitt87
  13. White paint used for road markings.

    Hello The DOT have been going over some of the white road markings, around my area, and some seems to have got on side skirts and under the arches of the LCR. Can anyone reccomend something to get it off with? Also I have what seems to be yellow paint speckles on the bodywork. Any idea...
  14. John-Cupra_TDI

    Road Angel Navigator 9000 or Snooper S2000 Syrius Proline

    Was thinking about buying a Road angel navigator 9000 or a Snooper S2000 Syrius Proline. Not sure which one to get, so was looking for opinions on these form anybody who has either got one or has used one? Cheers John
  15. Fl@pper

    She's back on the road . . . . . and sodding typical

    Ibiza after a 12 month+ rest and me well being bored and never got time has just spent 3 solid days being rear end stripped/welded up ready for mot after spending 8am-11pm yesterday putting it all back together today i tackled the last job on the mot list this am - front brake hoses all...
  16. kennyrodgers84

    lcr rolling road results

    had two runs on a rolling road here in northern ireland last night.both runs produced the same results. 250 bhp and 271 lbs/ft of mods are dynatwist induction kit with cai,custom remap,bailey dv30 recirculating dv,full miltek from downpipe back including high flow cat,4 bar fpr,thicker...
  17. Returning to road advice

    Ladies and Gents My Beeza 2.0 16V has been off the road for best part of a year and I've finally found the time and money to get her running again, never had a car off the road like this before so was wondereing if anyone knew of anything to look out for (I'll be changing the Engine and...
  18. sirjimalot

    1.4 Ibiza Write-Off to Slightly Different Cupra Build

    Hello, Im back in the SEAT game again, not another cupra but by first SEAT and my first car. Ive done a huge circle and now im back where i started, and i feel better than ever. Right so i was driving an Audi A2 for a few months after passing my test at 17, here it is: Pimpin... So...
  19. Rolling road graph analysis

    Had the LCR in a rolling road to see what power it is actually making and below are the results: The car is still pretty new to me and as I understand it, the following mods have been done: Revo Stage 1 BMC Induction Kit Goes the graph seem about right? I was expecting...
  20. vr6

    well for the last few weeks i have been without a car as im having a vr6 put into it. ( i know half of you will say i should of gone 1.8t but hey ho personal choice and all that lol ) anyway got the engine gearbox pedalbox wiring loom everything for £400 off a very nice bloke off e38. the...
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