1. Delivery times

    After 17 week my car is finally due at the Tyne dock on thursday, anyone have any idea how much longer i will have to wait after that till i can pick her up. i tried toring dealer but he is on hol
  2. sparkyc

    quarter mile times

    what are your best time and what you running? my best time is 14.7 at the pod running cc stage 1, ram air and milltek cat back rr'd at 250bhp. how much improvement do you think i'd see from stage two?
  3. Crazy times

    Got my Ibiza back in November of last year.. had some awesome times with it, drove it up to Alton towers, Paris Disneyland; the lot.. Then suddenly in January.. the bulb malfunction warning came on. I immediately stopped and checked all my lights.. everything.. but everything was fine...
  4. Mapped PD130 1/4mile times

    Whos been on the 1/4mile strip then with a stg 1 map? What times did you get?
  5. RichardMurkin

    1/4 mile times....

    What sort of times cud you expect from a standard 16v cupra gti on a 1/4 mile drag strip? Couple lads at work are into the corsas and novas wi redtops and are always talking about it, Would love to shut them up :p
  6. just bought a leon, warning light illuminates on oil and beeps 3 times?

    hi i just bought a 2001 leon 1.6 16v, on startup the oil indication light illuminates and the car beeps 3 times, once the beeps have stopped the ligh continues to flash constantly. i have read in the manual that this car should not be driven, their appears to be plenty of oil and the car drives...
  7. oil light flashing and beep 3 times , low oil presure ??

    my oil light flashes and it beeps 3 times , im prety sure its low oil presure . what causes low oil presure ?? do i need to get a new oil pump , or should i try servicing it first oil and filter ect . ?? :confused:
  8. tequilan

    brakes rubbish first few times of use...

    the last couple of times ive driven my car the brakes have been absolutely rubbish the first few times ive used them after starting the car. the pedal feels fine with plenty of resistance, but im not really slowing down much at all lol. if i pump them it gets better fairly quickly, and i know...
  9. uzi_cupra

    Cupra Tdi re-mapped and crail times

    got my car re-mapped a few days ago, was a custom map which delivers power very well. also put on 4 new tyres (yokohama prada spec 2's = AMAZING) went to crail today to do 1/4 mile times to see how well it would do...managed a 14.801 and crosed the line with a terminal velocity of 94.1 MPH. the...
  10. Ibiza Cupra delivery times

    Ordered a new Ibiza Cupra in Candy White a week ago specifically chose the colour cuz the sales manager said this one was already on order for the showroom so it should be here in 6 weeks or less. Called yesterday and was told that all dealer orders had been put to the back of the list so they...
  11. basemanuk

    Red warning light beeping three times.

    please help me! when i turn the ignition on im my 2001 seat leon cupra the warning light beeps at me 3 times and then continues to flash! does any one know what this is! the manual ses that it could be the brake fluid but doesnt say anything about it bleeping!
  12. Quarter mile times

    hey guys. Goin santa pod at the end of the month and was wondering what sort of time i should be expecting. Its running around 155 - 160BHP and has a stereo system. Also is anybody else going up? Thx alot dave
  13. True delivery times

    I think i'm suffering from whats known as 'dealer falsifying the lead times on a new car-anitis' I'm chasing 1 white Leon FR via my dealer, which another dealer somewhere has and wont transfer. Annoying. This leaves me with the horrible thought of placing a new factory order. Having...
  14. v-g

    v-g's Flash red 1M Leon Cupra

    Now gone but not forgotten. The car was sold two days after it was put up for sale in July 2010. I now drive a blue Golf mk4 R32 DSG. I've named it R32 BlueMotion. It might be a little late to start a progress thread about a car this age. Anyway, here's some pictures. Car is a MY00 Leon...
  15. What du you guys think of these crail drag times??

    Hey all. Went to crail today in scotland near st andrews, had 3 runs which stood out. All comments welcome, is this any good? Managed to do a run in 14.57 seconds another one managed to do a 14.60 seconds and then the best of the day 14.349 which i thought was good. Let me know ;)...
  16. 1/4mile times?

    i have the cupra r, took my car out for a few run at crail managed a 15.6 @88mph is this about an normal time to run for a standard 180bhp?
  17. Mikey_H

    Diesel Power 1/4 Mile Times 5/7/09 GTI Summer festival

    Hi Guys. Fist time i have run the car on the strip since i had the head done and all i can say is WOW the extra power REALLY helped. most of my times were around the 14.00 mark but i did have a couple of really nice runs but with the weather so hot for most of the day was struggeling big...
  18. knight85

    review of the Mk4 from the Sunday Times

    Was flicking through the sunday rag and came across this review for the Mk4 ibiza! http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/driving/used_car_reviews/article6486233.ece Gives an overall good impression of the mk4...and made me happy that i bought one early this year! :D
  19. Oil light flashing several times and beeping noise!

    I am a bit worried about this, but the last couple of times when i've turned the engine on the light has flashed Red several times, i lost count to be honest! Also it beeps just like it does when your low on petrol. I shall explain right from the start... I was driving to work one morning...
  20. delivery times

    Hi, I have just found out from my dealer that my Ibiza SC 1.6 DSG is being built in week 26 (w/e 28 June) My dealer is positive I wont get the car until mid September, due to the August factory shutdown. Does this sound realistic? I would have thought that once the car is built, and put in a...
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