1. Whining noise

    Hi guys, My Altea 2 litre diesel is making a whining noise when turning at low speed but the noise stops when I put the clutch down. Anyone had this issue and know what it is? Diff or gearbox? Any help is appreciated Cheers
  2. Engine sounds like it's stalling when turning off.

    I am hoping this is nothing more than hypercondria as I've had a few 'issues' recently so hope you guys can give me some reassurance. My '03 tdi 130 had a service yesterday and since then when i turn the engine off it seems to stop very abruptly as if stalling (it's running fine though)...
  3. Knocking noise when turning right

    As title really. Only happens when car is in gear. Does not do it if I knock the car into neutral. Ideas please? Been told a number of things by the garage.... Clutch cap? Clutch? Wheel bearing? C.V Joint? Any response/advice would be much appreciated....
  4. Noise when turning right

    Hi, need some help. I've got an '04 Leon Cupra R and have noticed the past couple of days there seems to be a groaning noise when I'm turning right (on roundabouts mainly noticed). IT has only started the past couple of days and I'm not sure exactly where it's coming from - it seems to be...
  5. turning remap off

    Are you able to turn your remap off using vagcom? Reason i ask is im going to get my 150 remapped but if the clutch starts to slip badly i will turn it off until i can afford a new clutch. And then is it a case of simply turning it back on? also can you do this with any remap? cheers
  6. knocking when turning slowly

    seat 1.8t knocking when turning slowly ive had a look and when you turn the steering the top mounting on the suspension moves.Could anyone tell me if this could be the sole problem or is it something else causing it thanks
  7. crunchy noise when turning on

    Hey I noticed every time I turn my car on I am getting a weird crunch noise from the back of the car, I always turn the key until the lights come on, wait a few seconds and then turn the car on, when the lights come on so does this noise it's probably normal but just wondering what it...
  8. ivo098

    Leon turning automatically lights on?

    I bought my Leon this way, it turns the lights on automatically when I turn on the ignition. Golf MK4s have several lighting possibilities to activate with Vagcom, but today using Vagcom I couldn't find how to activate and deactivate automatic lights. Any help is welcome. Thanks
  9. DaNnY_LaD

    Lcr not starting after driving then turning off.. (Fault Codes)

    Righto Ive recently fitted a New Coolant temp sensor to sort my fueling and temp Gauging readings which it has done... But like last time when i go and start it for the first time in the morning is totally fine but sometimes can be in limp mode... But lets say i go to the petrol station and...
  10. TJenkos

    Knocking whilst turning slowly

    Ive only recently started getting a knocking coming from the low front end when turning at low speeds. Its got a slight delay in it, which leads me to think it may be an engine mount broke? Any other suggestions what to look for?
  11. Headlights dim slightly when turning wheel?

    As in title, I noticed at night time when parking my car my headlights dim very slightly when I turn the wheel, is this just dodge electrics?
  12. stu666

    Creaking noise when turning tightly.

    Happy New Year Folks:) As per the title I'm getting an annoying creaking noises from the n/s/f when turning tightly, it seems to be more noticeable when damp/cold. I'm thinking it's possibly the strut top bearing. Anyone had anything similar or got any ideas? Thanks Stuart
  13. Vin-R

    Creek from the Front Left when turning LCR

    Hi Guys, basically, i noticed the other day that when im turning corners, or going over a speed bump, i can hear a proper creeky noise from the front left somewhere?? dont know whether its a shock, or bush??? any ideas??? cheers vin.
  14. lights when turning ignition

    Hi there i have a leon 06 1.9. How many lights should light up when u turn ignition. They all go out when engine starts which is fine, one that doesnt light up when u turn ignition is airbag. Just paranoid as i found out some panels of car had been resprayed so it was obviously in some accident...
  15. Clicking nosie when Turning

    Hi Guys Had my Leon 1.8T a few weeks now and noticed a clicking noise. It comes from the front left wheel area and is only noticeable when turning on/off lock when I increase throttle at low speeds. The noise is also speed related (quicker the faster I go) Have been into a large car...
  16. Squeak when turning left/right

    I can hear a creak/squeak/squeal (take your pick) when the steering is turned near or before full lock left or right. What could this be?
  17. Turning lights sound

    Hi, Is there any way to change the volume for the sound that's made when the turning lights are on ? Sometimes I can't hear the clicking sounds if the radio is on or people are talking and i would like to turn the volume up just a bit, if possible :) Thanks.
  18. SeanyK

    Wheel turning scraping sound at low-ish speeds... Bearing?

    Hey folks! My friend who works at SEAT is fitting my blueflame tbe and Seat sport suspension kit next weekend, however, I noticed, im sure it's getting worse... When I am travelling at quite low speeds, when I turn the wheel right, there is like a scraping type sound coming from the front...
  19. DannyC87

    Grating noise - turning right under power

    Hi guys, I've got a mysterious grating noise; sounds like tyre catching the wheel arch or similar. It only happens when giving it stick around right hand bends (roundabouts); and when accelerating hard in 1st and 2nd. I'm thinking it is driveshaft / cv joint related but wondering if anyone...
  20. Turning off the wear indicator.

    The brake wear indicator has came on and I want to turn it off. I have fitted ferrodo pads and I have also fitted the mod to the connector of the sensor by using the red femal spade terminal to short out the pins. The indicator light stayed off for about a month since the pads have been...
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