Elliott's MK3 Ibiza Cupra Update * carnage has begun*


Sounds completely logical, thanks!

My Ibiza has the standard bumper and I'd like to swap it for a cupra one so I've been already thinking about ways to adjust the bumper for my FMIC.

Btw. if any of you guys knew about used cupra bumper for sale I'd be most interested in it since they're so damn rare (would just have to check out the posting price for such a big item). Here in czech republic there's like 0 chance to find a used cupra bumper for sale and the dealer price for the cupra one is more than 3 times the price of the standard one. :/
Yeah sorry the pics are rubbish.

As chaaza said I am smoothing the engine bay, that's the inner wing in the engine bay, it's usually filled from the arch liner but I haven't ran arch liners for years.

Small update, really slow progress lately, been working back shift where you feel you go to work get up and then go to work again, also taking any overtime I could to fund this build, also trying to keep my spending secret from the mrs because she wants us to save for a house? Bollocks, car comes first :lol:

Anyway I plan on getting some paint on the engine bay this weekend, so I have been sanding down the filler and prepping.

The reason the cupra never got touched over Christmas, made the frame work for this.

Aug 29, 2010
Love your updates, car off road.... next thing engine stripped. Brilliant so abrupt. Reminds me of mine, I want to do it again now.
I could always come and drop mine off with all the parts you need and I could drive yours whilst you do it :).

Elliot car is looking brilliant as always can't wait to see it back on the road
I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I have come to the decision to put this car into storage for a couple of years.

I want to do this properly, because you always run into problems of you cut corners and buy cheap parts, I just can't justify spending thousands on a car again month after month so I will be doing this over a few years.

Saving for a house and doing 30miles a day this just wouldn't be practical for the commute.

But I will never sell it, too much time and effort has went into this car, I will just be doing this at a very slow pace over a few years.
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