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Elliott's MK3 Ibiza Cupra Update * carnage has begun*


my 300+ death box :)
Mar 31, 2006
south wales
wheres' the shopping going to go now? lol

good work mate id love to see another 20v go in the back to make it 4wd just have 2x k03s on there standard internals and you'll be in the reigon of 440-480hp and would probably cost alot less than a big turbo and 4wd conversion and you seem to have the skills and the balls to cut your car up so id say whatever way you do it it'll be awesome :)

NRM 90

Active Member
Mar 3, 2010
Cool I hope you don't sell mate there has been to many recently :(

Yeh it's a good idea mate I got mine own house about 12 months ago with a garage so I'll be doing my engine swap in there soon ;)



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Sep 8, 2011
Trust me everyone slags ebay but you can sell you toe nails on there lol hence me since making loads from my standard cupra ive broke a golf gti turbo 180 and now breaking a 225 audi tt quattro lol.
I still have the wheels.

There's no interior seats wise, I have the doorcards.

The shell needs a bit of paint in the engine bay also a new windscreen as its cracked.

You would need the whole front end slam panel wise etc headlights because someone has dibs on that if the shell goes, so you would need wings, bonnet, lights, front panel, bumper.

I am only asking £200 for the shell as it is but the big thing is the spare wheel we'll has been cutout but I still have that and could weld it back in. Price includes doors and boot.
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