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  1. Hobbiniho

    milltek fitting

    right basically iv bought a milltek downpipe to fit to my tdi 130, i cant afford the rest of the system right now but i am looking to fit the downpipe and fit the rest after. what i was wanting to know is the standard size of the exhaust 2.25" as i wil need a reducer from the milltek 2.5 inch...
  2. MarkWales

    Carbonio fitting guide

  3. LEE69

    Anyone with interference since fitting HIDS?

    You'll know if you have it, soon as you put the main headlight switch to "ON" you get static interference through the radio. After searching the t'internet it as been said to actually relay the ballasts rather than using the cars loom. I have just bought one from Ebay XENON HID RELAY...
  4. FMIC Fitting Guide?

    Hi Guys, I know this has likely been asked before, and I have searched and seen the youtube video, but is there a guide with stil photos anywhere for a Seat Sport FMIC? Many Thanks.
  5. olliep

    Leon mk1 amp and speaker fitting question

    Evening, 1) When wiring in an amp i understand that I need to connect a cable from the amp to the head unit. Where at the head unit does it connect? The standard ISO plugged straight into the HU so i cant see any loose cables?? 2) What speaker size do i need for my components? I've seen...
  6. Help fitting new headlamp cluster

    Hi, I've got a plain vanilla Leon 1.6 S and need to replace the whole driver's side headlamp cluster. After being quoted £250 by a dealer I'd prefer to do it myself. Is this an easy job? I can't find much information about it when searching the forums or the internet. After undoing the torx...
  7. ChrisGTL

    Allards PD150 Intercooler Pipework Fitting...

    Hi, Ordered my Allards kit now, not in no rush to get it fitted but I'm ordering other parts needed so it all fits with minimal stress. :lol: I've been to SEAT and ordered the OEM intercooler brackets upper and lower because I told AwesomeGTI to take them off so they wouldnt rub the robust...
  8. luna fr

    PD160 Intake fitting after Remap

    I had a Remap at P-Torque with the standard 130PD air intake and now I am fitting a PD160 intake pipe and Trumpet, will it make any difference to the power output compared to if I had it fitted before the remap. Also when I had the map done Will said air intake was restrictive, I was surprised...
  9. squeak after fitting wheel spacers

    hi, have had my 15mm wheel spacers on for about a week, my passenger side rear wheel appears to be squeaking. Could this just need more copper grease or is it a sign my wheel bearing is going/gone?
  10. seantdi

    fitting lowering kit. what else needed?

    hey guys im fitting a h&r cup kit to my leon soon and was wonderind what other parts would be worth replacing whilst im at it? i heard front top mounts are worth replacing. is there anything else? thanks in advance
  11. benuk

    DIY fitting of parking sensors *Now with Guide*

    After some research I decided to get a DIY parking sensor kit (£18 from ebay). Obviously its the most basic version, but should hopefully be good enough for me :blink: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190322960277&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT I have searched the forum and...
  12. Fitting Day time lights (LED`s) problem

    Hi all, I have bought some day time LED lights to fit to my Tolly, after having a good look around I am not sure what is the best way to wire them up, so if anyone else has any info would be greatly appreciated. Cant see an easy way to pass wires into the car cabin, or pick up an ignition on...
  13. Fitting ET50 alloys on LCR, help with spacers

    Found some alloys that I really want to put on my LCR but they are a 50 offset. Alloys are 5x100 18x7.5 with a center bore of 56.1 Thing is I can put 15mm spacers on to fix the offset but would prefer to get hubcentric spacers if possible, however the center bore on the LCR is 57.1. Is there...
  14. kineticz

    Fitting bucket seats?

    Hey, Been offered a pair of Corbeau Carrera bucket seats for a good price, however they don't come with subframes and I can't find any Leon specific ones. I've been told they MIGHT fit directly onto the standard subframes? Also there is the option of universal subframes but no idea how...
  15. seat_rich

    Problem Fitting Polo Wiper

    Haven't seen anything on the search, so either I'm being a bonehead, or there's something gone wrong here: Removed the plastic cover no problem. Unscrewed the bolt no problem. Prised the old wiper off (jumped off the car and scratched the bumper on the way down...nice) Put the new...
  16. andyc58

    fitting t piece

    Hi could people put pics up for me to show me where to fit the t peice when fitting a boost gauge thats.Read alot on this but pics would help so much more.Thanks
  17. Drew18 FR

    Fitting a new Horn?

    Hey guys, Anyone fitted a horn into their MK2? Is it difficult? Dont know if im the only one but Its about the only thing I really dont like about my leon, im actually scared to press the horn incase I get laughed at :redface: I was looking at a stebel nautilus horn (139...
  18. flegz16

    Fitting Guide For Coilovers

    Hey, Could someone send me a link to the best guide for fitting coilovers please? Thanks.
  19. Bover

    Backbox and fitting on student budget?

    Thinking of £120 or there abouts max, if it's not possible, tell me bluntly :) Seen some cherry bombs on the bay for £35, no idea on quality or sound or even if I can get it to fit? Or has anyone else got any suggestions? Where can I get it fitted? :S Kwik-fit quoted me £94 which sounds...
  20. Fitting costs

    Hi guys, just after abit of advice on fitting costs I have been qouted £422 inc VAT for supple and fit a Milltech non res catback system for my 2003 cupra Aslo been quoted 5 hours labour (around £260) for fitting of my Koni Str.t kit do you think theses prices are good? cheers
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