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  1. Art0ir

    Painting a red lip on alloy wheels..

    Absolutely sick to death of the white rims now :lol: They are an absolute nightmare to keep clean!! I had them spotless, I mean spotess last Sunday morning. 80 miles and 2 hours later at a show, they were bloody bogging :cry: So, gonna paint them black with a red lip around the edge. Any...
  2. any painters on here.after my leon cupra r painting

    hi im after my leon cupra r painting its black and im after car painting pearl white.im in manchester area ind willing to travel.thanxs
  3. Painting inner door handles

    Hi Guys, My inner door handles are in need of repair has anyone painted these or wrapped them in anything. Suggestions pictures would be good
  4. Damage on my boot.. need help on painting and filler

    Ive got some damage on my boot as you can see from the picture(if the link works)... I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix it, and what i would need to do it, like what fillers, primers and paints etc. and the best ways to do it. The red circle is a small dent, and the green...
  5. demonear

    Painting the centre part of the FL front bumper?

    Anyone seen examples of what it looks like to get the whole centre section of the Facelift FR/Cupra front bumper painted black to make it more aggressive looking? (ie the bottom bit as well) If anyone has actually seen an example or pic somwhere then that would be sweet! -demonear
  6. painting alloys...

    Is painting my alloys my self a stupid idea? i really dont know whats involved, and i can just see it been a mine field :/ thanks:)
  7. kidinspace

    Dash Painting

    I'm looking for a way to further brighten up the interior of my car, I have the chrome stuff and the Mk5 gear knob but was looking to make some tonal differences too... Ideally would like to achieve this ... Some how don't think I can. So what I thought about doing was painting the...
  8. Righttoe

    Painting Rocker Cover and Inlet Mani

    Hi all, I want to paint my Rocker cover and Inlet Manifold in a certain colour but I can't get it in high temp paint Would it work with normal spray paint then high temp laquar??? If not ill have to get a close match in high temp!! Mike
  9. painting bumper strips

    I want to paint the black bumper strips on my car the same couour as the rest of the car (silver) are they easy to take them of the bumpes and the doors?? cheers
  10. Dave217

    Painting the calipers

    what do you all think about doing this, waste of time or effective little tweak? thinking of painting mine white to go with the white car, was also considering green just to be a little bit crazy
  11. painting opinions??

    ok debating gettin my alloyas sprayed anthrecite but i dont know what method to go for if i do it. opinions, paint, powdercoat , spray can (diy), leave as they are?? poll votes!!
  12. truss

    painting a grill with chrome surround

    Im not very knowledgable about paiting stuff and need some advice. Basically i want the centre grill surround and the 'S' to be black. How do i go about painting it? i assume that the chrome finish needs removing, if so how do i do this?
  13. 4 Pot Brake caliper painting

    Hi, Is it ok to paint my ap racing calipers with hammerite paint? they look like they have plastic type coating (as standard) and just want to confirm that the paint will work on these? and also, has anyone got any or know if anyone sells SEAT SPORT white decals for the calipers so i can...
  14. MrWill

    Painting Brake Calipers

    Looking to paint my calipers red....they've been painted before but its all faded and looks crap. All I need to know is where is the best place to get the paint? What kind of paint do I need? Also shall I paint them red or blue? Its a silver cupra with gloss black cupra wheels.
  15. Painting Brembo Brake Calipers

    Is it possible to paint the Brembo brake calipers? I want them bright and new looking again but not sure what to do? Cheers
  16. Painting brake calipers mk1 cupra

    HOW TO FRESHEN UP BRAKE CALIPERS Ok well I could of just paid for some new brembos but after looking at the price of the brake Caliper Laquer Set by FOLIATEC.COM I thought for £20 its worth a shot. The Proccess 1) Take off the Wheel to get to the brake caliper Notice the...
  17. DonniD1991

    painting the s badge unsure about the colour to go for

    howdo as the title say's i am unsure of what colour to paint me front s badge i know its been covered alot like but just wondered if you's could give is any ideas the colour of me car is eclipse blue its sort of a dark blue/ purple colour a was thinking of a anthracite colour with blue...
  18. ross27

    DIY Door Trim Painting *Finished*

    Well ive seen the Aluminium effect door kits, but didnt want to pay the money for it:p So ive gone and uncliped the handles and the speaker covers, masked up the grilles and they are now ready for primeing/painting. Im starting with the rears, in case i mess it up.;) Two coats of grey...
  19. MATTCR

    £5.85 and 2 hours later....

    ... will do until I get them refurbished in anthracite [B)]
  20. Painting wing mirrors!

    Hi some taxi thought it would be amusing to open his door whilst i was driving by and smash my wing mirror off... so i have a new one! but its plain black/ plastic. My arosa is in Flash red does anybody know the procedures to paint it? do you have to sand them or anything? thankyou in...
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