1. Shell diesel vs supermarket diesel

    Has anyone been using the v power diesel in their Leon and noticed a difference? Used to use supermarket diesel with a shot of redex diesel in every tank, have changed to shell standard diesel with a shot of Millers ecomax diesel additive - which has definitely helped. MPG is about +5 more than...
  2. 100th thread about oil recommendations

    Greetings, considering my Cupra has 230k km /143k miles and I will soon be getting a +30-40hp remap, what 5w40 oil brand do you recommend? One of the better options I have in my local shop are: 5W40 MOBIL Super 3000 5W40 Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 Castrol Magnatec C3 5W40 Castrol EDGE TITANIUM Turbo...
  3. Sootycuprabod

    Millers or shell

    Hi folks,Will i get the same effect if i use the shell super diesel as i would if i put millers in my tank,just a thought before i pay the £12 for millers:confused:
  4. BP Ultimate or Shell Optimax

    What do you guys run your Cupra's and Boc's on? I've been running my Cupra on BP Ultimate and am v happy with the performance etc from it but was just wondering what the general concensus was.
  5. Flywheel and clutch on ebay for £179. Shell I go for it?

    Thats what Ive found on ebay : ''Audi A3 TT Seat Cardoba Ibiza Leon Toledo Octavia VW Bora Golf Beetle Passat Polo Vento 1.4 TDi, 1.8 T, 1.8 GTi, 1.9 TDi, 96- Flywheel, Clutch, Bearing # New OE Solid Flywheel, Clutch Kit (plate & cover), Bearing # This is a SOLID flywheel conversion for a Dual...
  6. Warranty direct insurance. Shell I???

    Hello. Iam an owner of 2003 seat ibiza 1.9tdi sport. Its a lovely car but so many failures can accure. So now for example ive got flashin cooling liquid light, but engine is fine. Alright. So the question is: wether warranty direct is a worth buying, especialy with 2003 car?i What would...
  7. BP Ultimate vs Shell V Power petrol.

    hi as the topic says, which fuel is better, what is Your opinion and why?.
  8. Neel-Cupra

    Shell Helix 5W-40 OIL

    Been to monster Motorsport on friday to have the winter mega service done on the car, was a bargain price for it also got the coolant changed as it was a messy pink colour :blink:but i noticed that the oil grade for the shell helix ultra 5-40w but if ive heard correctly isnt the oil grade ment...
  9. jms_cupra

    Shell Optimax fuel

    Is anybody running their cupra on shell optimax or BP ultimate? If so have you noticed increased performance and/or economy? Is it worth the extra few pence?
  10. Shell V-Power in the Ibiza Mk5 ?

    Hi, i'm sure it has been asked before, but not sure if it has been asked about on the MK5 Ibiza with it being relatively new. Just read the bumph on the Shell V-Power and how it gets you more miles per gallon, how it cleans your engine etc etc...... not entirely sure i believe it all ...
  11. daveyonthemove

    Shell V-Power Diesel. Thoughts?

    I noticed my Local Shell garage was stocking this when i popped in the other day, so i decided to fill up with it instead of the usual Shell Extra. My initial thoughts are that it is a waste of money. Reasons: Over 100 miles i've noticed no improvement, but a couple of negative points. The...
  12. Cupra_J_RS

    Shell Optimax Loyalty card schemes?!

    Not sure if im posting in the right area but... I'm forever putting petrol in me car, and i've noticed some people who are high milers have loyalty cards. Is there a loyalty card for Shell when filling up with Shell Optimax? I've looked on the Shell website but its all rather...
  13. Shell VPower diesel

    Hopefully some people might reply to this thread - new to this place and started 2 other threads with no replies:cry: I know the diesel comparison talks have already done the rounds but I wanted some quick feedback on VPower diesel as I sussed out yesterday that I have a Shell garage round...
  14. Starbank

    Shell Low Sulphur Diesel

    Has anyone else noticed the increase in smoothness, responsiveness and performance of the 2.0 TDi with the ultra low sulphur diesel! Finally managed to find a Shell garage in my locality with the posh diesel on the pumps and after 150 miles of the engine drinking the stuff, I'm quite literally...
  15. RobDon

    Shell Vs Tesco 99?

    Anyone tried the Tesco 99 fuel, compared to Shell V-Power is it much the same, better, worse? What's the price difference, Tesco must be cheaper right? I just noticed my local Tesco now has 99 RON so wondered about it!
  16. So ... anyone used the new Shell V-Power diesel yet?

    Only available at about 30 forecourts in home counties, but anyone used it?
  17. monkee

    Shell V-Power fuel

    Anyone know if this differs in any way from regular unleaded on an 8v cupra??
  18. Does your TDi like Shell Diesel?

    Mine does not seem to! When I tank it up with Shell, I get an MPG on a mixed run in the mid to high 40s. However, if I switch to Esso or BP (normal) diesel, I get low to mid 50s! Is this isolated to my car od has anyone else found the same thing? Thanks.
  19. New Shell V-Power Fuel

    Guys and Girlies, I drive a standard Leon 1.6 and over the weeked i decided to refuel my tank using the new v-power petrol. After doing about 150 on sat did not notice much difference. When I drove it this morning, "bloddy hell" I noticed a huge difference it felt like i was driving a 2.0...
  20. Neel-Cupra

    Shell V-Power!!

    Hi everyone Just wanted to know if anyone is using the new fuel by shell called V-power? Believe its 99 RON so sounds quite good .. i guess optimax is no longer being manufactured now, my car is revo'd for 98 RON fuel i.e optimax so hope putting this fuel in is ok :confused:
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