SeatCupra.Net's Mk5 Ibiza Gallery


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May 18, 2009
Adam's Candy White Ibiza SC
Alan's Candy White Ibiza SC
blackmagicibiza's Black Magic Ibiza SC
Ceb's Candy White SC Facelift
Charlotte's Candy White Ibiza SC
CHRIIS' Candy White Ibiza SC
Fannon's Luna Grey Ibiza SC
GazEP3's Candy White Ibiza SC
Gedz 55's Emocion Red Ibiza SC
J400uk's Black Magic Ibiza SC
jamoy's Emocion Red Ibiza SC
joonash's Ruby Red Ibiza SC
Kris's Black Magic Ibiza SC
malossi's Candy White Ibiza SC
Mark's Emocion Red Ibiza SC
Oldey's Speed Blue Ibiza SC
SC16v's Black Magic Ibiza SC
Scottual's Candy White Ibiza SC
SlicK's Emocion Red Ibiza SC
splinter26's Black Magic Ibiza SC
Tom's Luna Grey Ibiza SC
Westy606's Candy White Ibiza SC

Craig's Candy White Ibiza
Nightflight's Ada Blue Ibiza
ntemis21's Candy White Ibiza
TopManTaz's Emocion Red Ibiza

Andy's Black Magic 2.0TDi FR
CraigFRTsi's Luna Grey 1.4TSi FR
FR_Power's Candy White 1.4TSi FR
Jim's Luna Grey 1.4TSi FR
LeonFRMK1's Emocion Red 1.4TSi FR
Lucifer's Candy White 1.4TSi FR
Negy's Candy White 1.4 TSI FR
Ninja10R's Candy White 1.4TSi FR
Scooter188`s Candy White 2.0TDi FR
Swampy's Luna Grey 1.4TSi FR
Vtxracer's Candy White 1.4TSi FR

adzy91's Speed Blue Cupra
Dave's Candy White Cupra
Duffy's Lumina Orange Cupra
Duzza90's Candy White Cupra
Ian's Candy White Cupra
Kenny_fr's Speed Blue Cupra
NathWraith's Speed Blue Cupra
Phantombantam's Speed Blue Cupra
Queen's Candy White Cupra
R3ign's Speed Blue Cupra
Rich's Speed Blue Cupra
Rob's Candy White Cupra
Rossers' Speed Blue Cupra
Stevoz03's Chrono Yellow Cupra
viktor's Speed Blue Cupra
yaue10's Chrono Yellow Cupra

Aaz's Candy White Bocanegra
Aka's Dakota Red Bocanegra
Bobby's Dakota Red Bocanegra
Big-Pete's Dakota Red Bocanegra
Chrissy's Candy White Bocanegra
Dale's Candy White Bocanegra
Dave's Candy White Bocanegra
Day841's Candy White Bocanegra
Elliot's Candy White Bocanegra
Fozzy89's Candy White Bocanegra
jc_boc's Candy White Bocanegra
LukeWS Candy White Bocanegra
Mardons Candy White Bocanegra
Nutkin's Dakota Red Bocanegra
Phil_monk's Candy White Bocanegra
Robloakes Candy White Bocanegra
splinter26's Candy White Bocanegra
Spurt's Dakota Red Bocanegra
Techie's Candy White Bocanegra
Tilley's Candy White Bocanegra
WJs' Candy White Bocanegra
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May 18, 2009
Seeing as the old gallery is no longer updated, I've taken it upon myself to keep on top of this incarnation slightly better.

As before, if you want your readers ride thread listing here, then please leave a comment in this thread providing the link and the title.


Nov 26, 2014
My Seat Ibiza 6J Black

My first car had since July the month I passed. 1.4 Seat Ibiza 85BHP 6J MK5 Black. I have made little mods to it.

- Alloys Resprayed Gloss Black
- Side Bulbs changed to Purple/Blue Tint 12SMD LED
- 8000K Xenon Error canbus Free
- Racing Induction Kit
- Number Plate 12SMD Bright White LED

And other little bits.

I don't know how to add pictures?:/ Someone please help.

My next car will be Seat Bocanegra Hopefully! this year once I have had this car for year. :D
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Jan 8, 2016
Some very nice motors by there . Only had mine for 2 weeks and I'm already spending my bank balance I'll b bankrupt this rate now


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Jan 8, 2016
Some very nice motors by there . Only had mine for 2 weeks already can't stop spending this rate I b bankrupt now worth it through
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